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News From Literacy Nova Scotia
A Message from Jayne Hunter, Executive Director

To kick off the summer holidays, LNS gave away new books to those ages 0 - 18 at events on June 27, 28 and July 1, 2019. (L-R): Ben Reynolds, Dahlia Reynolds, Greyson Despres, Meadow Adams, and Lilianna Despres received new books at Colchester East Hants Public Library's Summer Reading event on June 27th.

Literacy Nova Scotia held its Annual General Meeting on June 14th and welcomed many new board members. The annual report and LNS impact sheet highlights our work over the last year.

I am looking forward to my work on two national project advisory committees, both projects originating out of British Columbia. The first is with SkillPlan to establish a framework for the professional development of Essential Skills Practitioners. The second is with Decoda to examine the availability, appropriateness, and effectiveness of Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) training for displaced workers across Canada. We are also continuing our work with our Atlantic partners on the Essential Skills for Fisheries after a very successful first cohort.

Our LNS team participated in the Bluenose Charity Challenge races in early June. Those wishing to donate can still do so online until July 15th to receive your instant tax receipt ($20 and over).

Thanks to the support of the Colchester 100 Women Who Care and John Kennedy with Adopt a Library, we were able to distribute close to 1000 new books in Colchester County. I was especially pleased to see the number of boys aged 10 -14 who were able to find something that interested them in the selection! The books for younger readers went quickly but there were lots available for older readers.

Staff will be enjoying their vacation days during the summer. Our office will be closed between July 29th - August 9th. There will be other days of closure dependent on work obligations and vacation schedules.

Remember to submit your PGI grant activity reports by July 15th as there are no longer allowances for funds to be carried forward or late submissions.

What's New
Welcome to the New LNS Board

Welcome to our LNS Board for 2019-20: (Front row, L-R): Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier, Donna MacGillivray, Crystal Tobin Legere, Beth Fairn, Colleen Thompson. (Back row, L-R): Paul Robson, Gordon Pictou, Danny Cavanagh. Missing from the photo are Chris Atwood, Juanita Bruneau, Darren Googoo, and Debra Paris Perry.

We are excited to welcome new and returning members to the LNS Board of Directors.
Regional representatives: Beth Fairn, Vice Chair (Valley); Juanita Bruneau (Southwestern); Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier (Strait); Crystal Tobin Legere (Metro); Darren Googoo, Treasurer (Cape Breton); and Gordon Pictou (Northern).
Business Representative: Chris Atwood
Labour Representative: Danny Cavanagh, Board Chair
Learner Representatives: Paul Robson, Secretary; Colleen Thompson; and Debra Paris Perry

Save the Date! Professional Development Conference for Practitioners
Reducing Barriers: Opening Doors
October 24 - 25, 2019 at Holiday Inn Truro, 437 Prince St, Truro NS

We are pleased to offer this professional development conference for practitioners within NSSAL’s community learning organizations. Through the informational presentations and practical workshops, the LNS Conference aims to have an impact on reducing the barriers for our diverse adult learners across the province (African Nova Scotians, Aboriginal community, newcomers, LGBTQ+, learning disabilities, etc). We are fostering a culture of safe spaces where individuals walking through the doors of our community learning networks feel seen, heard and valued.
Registration Form (CLOs)      Conference Agenda       Website
Deadline for registration: September 16, 2019
Questions? Contact Marie David

Opportunities for Learners
LNS Scholarship and Bursary Awards are available for adult learners. Application deadline is September 30, 2019.
Opportunities for Practitioners
Register now for Practitioner Training modules scheduled for Fall 2019:
• What's Your Message? Relating to the Adult Learner: Sept or Oct, Location TBA
• Literacy, Adult Learners and YOU!: Oct 7 – Nov 1
• Teaching Math: Basic Principles: Oct 7 – Nov 1
• Integrating IT Skills into Your Teaching: Nov 4 – 29
• Techniques for Teaching, Reading, Writing and Spelling: Nov 4 – 29
Check out the Practitioner Training webpage for details on the program, modules, tuition schedule, and how to register for modules. The new schedule of modules for September 2019 – June 2020 is available. Questions? Contact Marie David or call 1-800-255-5203.
Opportunities for Organizations
Creative Writing Workshops: Jenni Blackmore is available for creative writing workshops. We have funding to offer four workshops in the fall. If you want to host a workshop for your learners, contact Marie David.

IT Fund: Community based learning organizations can apply for up to $1,000 per year. Funds are to be used for equipment and resources necessary for the delivery of NSSAL’s Adult Learning Program. This can include computers, printers, software, laptops, ipad minis, and assistive technology software. Technical support will be considered and cell phone expenses may be considered. Read more information on criteria and application process. Funds provided by LAE.

Is there a PD opportunity that would benefit your learning organization?
Apply to the PD Fund. New PD Fund online application forms are now available. There are separate forms for individuals (maximum $1000/year) and groups (maximum $4000/year).

Computers for Schools: Does your learning organization need refurbished computers? We offer our LNS members laptops, computers, printers, monitors, keyboards, cables, etc. Place your orders today.

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Nova Scotia Public Libraries Summer Tour 2019
July and August at public libraries across Nova Scotia
Five Nova Scotian children’s performers and educators will be touring the province as part of the public libraries summer reading campaign to engage kids with library programs this summer. Read more
Frontier College Reading Challenge: Choose Your Summer Adventure
Registration is free. Sign up as an individual or as a group of 2 – 4, and don’t forget to set a fundraising goal. Whether it is $100 or $1,000, all proceeds will go towards funding Frontier College's work to support literacy in Canada. Website    Participants' Starter Kit
Webinar: How to Navigate Workplace Conflict
July 11, 2019 at 2:00pm AT
This webinar will focus on helping you navigate conflict more effectively. You will gain effective ways to anticipate, prevent and manage conflict situations and, since practical application is the key to sustained learning, you will identify actions to advance learning in your workplace. Register
Webinar: I Survived a Toxic Workplace: Insights to Shift your Leadership Practice
July 18, 2019 at 2:00pm AT
Choosing to leave a job she really loved because of the toxicity of the work environment was really tough. In this webinar, Sylvia Plester-Silk will share her story and how she uses this to assist nonprofits to shift their team from conflict to collaboration and cooperation. Register
Webinar: A New Approach to Self-Care
July 25, 2019 at 2:00pm AT
Join Beth McKay as she guides you in identifying and designing a unique self-care practice so you can create a new relationship with yourself and your work. You'll leave this webinar with some practical tips and practices to start putting yourself at the top of your priority list. Register
2019 Nova Scotia 55 + Games
July 31 - August 3, and October 16 - 18, 2019 in Antigonish NS
Antigonish Town and County are excited to welcome you to the 2019 Nova Scotia 55 + Games, and are pleased to offer a variety of events, including literacy activities for adults (card games, scrabble and geocaching)    Events   Register
Save the Date: Frontier College National Forum on Literacy and Civic Engagement
September 17, 2019
This important forum will focus on how civic engagement is vital to our everyday lives, as it is the vehicle through which we are able to change and improve the quality of our society. The forum will be available via webcast.
5th Atlantic Regional Adult Education Conference
October 17 - 19, 2019 at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax NS
This year's theme is "Creating Learning Spaces that Encourage Inclusion and Respect Diversity". The conference provides an opportunity for professionals and researchers working in all areas of adult education to share and explore current research and issues.
Conference Website
Decoda Literacy Conference 2019: Literacy for a Better BC
November 20 - 22, 2019 at the Radisson Hotel, Richmond BC
Literacy practitioners, literacy outreach coordinators and anyone interested in literacy, this is your opportunity to network, share ideas, and learn promising practices that help to make BC a better place, at home, at school, at work and in the community. Questions? Contact mkehler@decoda.ca    Website

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In The News
How a Halifax Friendship Centre is Turning into a University Classroom for Indigenous Students
The Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre and Mount Saint Vincent University have announced the Aboriginal Academic Access Post-Secondary (AAAPS) pilot program, which is free for participants and created with $307,000 in funding from the province. Read more
Grandmother, Granddaughter Graduate From High School on Same Day
A Nova Scotia grandmother and granddaughter are graduating from high school on the same day this month, decades after the grandmother left school to raise her children. Darlene Roy and her granddaughter Ataya Keans helped each other study and get the work done. Read more
‘At 16, I read my first book – and it changed my life’
It was just before Andy MacNab turned 17 that he read his very first book. "I can vividly remember the sense of pride and achievement I felt. From then on, I read anything and everything I could get my hands on. Whether it was a tabloid newspaper, a car magazine or a book, I wanted to get as much knowledge as I could." Read more
LNS Resource Hub
LNS Resource Hub is the place for literacy practitioners who teach, tutor or mentor adult learners in Nova Scotia to share and co-develop teaching resources and discuss best practices. If you don't already have an account on the LNS Resource Hub, email Elaine Frampton to request an account registration code.
Flags of Canada worksheet
Can you identify all the flags of each province in Canada?   Resource

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