Scholarship and Bursary Awards
Available to Adult Learners!

Literacy Nova Scotia provides scholarship and bursary awards each year for adult learners who are upgrading their education.

2020 LNS Scholarship Application

2020 LNS Bursary Application

2020 LNS Scholarship / Bursary Instructor Recommendation

About the scholarship:
Many adults are upgrading their education. They want to go to community college, university, or technical and trades programs. When going back to school, they may have a hard time managing family responsibilities, travel, and other costs. A scholarship of $1,500 is awarded to an adult who has completed their grade 12 through an adult learning program, and is going on to, or continuing in college, university, or a trades and technology program.

To qualify for the scholarship award you must be a Nova Scotian who:

  • left the public school system before completing grade 12
  • has received the GED or High School Diploma through an approved adult learning program
  • has been accepted or is returning to university part-time or full-time OR a community college program OR a certified technical, trade or private trade school program in the fall of the year the scholarship is available. The program must be at least eight (8) months long.

LNS is pleased to fund a bursary designated for a NSCC Truro Campus student through the NSCC Foundation. One $1,500 bursary is available through the NSCC Student Awards in the fall.

About the bursary:
Many adults are upgrading their education. They are attending adult learning, literacy and upgrading programs. When going back to school, they may have a hard time managing family responsibilities, travel, and other costs. This year, three bursaries of $500 each will be awarded to help with expenses, travel costs, and books.

Who qualifies? To qualify, you must be a Nova Scotian who:

  • left the public school system before completing grade 12 and has not yet completed grade 12
  • will be attending an adult learning program in the fall of the year the bursary is available

LNS also provides Adult Learner Achievement Awards through the NSPGI Dinner and Auction for Literacy.
NSPGI Learner Achievement Award ($500) recognizes a Nova Scotian adult learner attending Levels 1, 2, or 3 of an Adult Learning Program and who plans to continue in the learning program.
Nova Learning Achievement Award ($1000) recognizes a Nova Scotian adult learner who has completed the Nova Scotia Adult High School Diploma or the GED and who plans to move on or has moved on to post secondary education.
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Introducing 2019-20 Scholarship and Bursary Recipients

Linda Ramsay — $1500 Scholarship Recipient (NSCC Truro)

Linda Ramsay

Linda Ramsay says the greatest obstacle in going back to school at age 42 was to find the courage to submit her application. Her chosen field of study, Continuing Care Assistant at NSCC, was an obvious one. “I have always aspired to go into the nursing field but caring for my family took precedent. Now that my child is older and more independent, I feel it is time to pursue my dream, to seek a fulfilling career for the next phase of my working life.” Linda’s mother went back to school at age 50 and took the same career path. “She paved the road of my future by showing me the way.”

“Linda is a dedicated, hardworking and focused learner,” says her instructor. “She worked tirelessly to finish her course requirements for the Adult Learning Program, balancing a full-time job and her family with school.” Another instructor praised Linda’s dedication as she took on the completion of her high school diploma while working and managing a very busy family life. “I am confident that she will bring an incredibly positive attitude, a superb work ethic and a solid skill set to the next step in her educational journey.”

Rosa Romie-Graham — $1500 Literacy Nova Scotia Bursary through the NSCC Foundation

Rosa Romie-Graham

Rosa is a graduate of the ALP (Truro Campus) and is now studying Business Administration with an accounting concentration through the eCampus.

Rosa grew up in a household with a single parent who struggled with mental illness, leading to financial hardships and instability. As the oldest child, Rosa entered the workforce at a young age to contribute to her family's expenses. She gained plenty of work experience; however, due to her lack of education, she couldn't move to a management position and was underpaid compared to her more educated counterparts.

After her family's situation became more stable, Rosa returned to school. Receiving this award renewed her inspiration to continue to work hard to graduate and is helping Rosa achieve her goals.

"I am honoured to be selected as the recipient for the LNS Bursary. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest appreciation for your generosity. Thanks to your donation, I can continue my education at NSCC. The completion of both secondary and post-secondary education allows me the ability to improve my family's economic situation and leaves me less vulnerable to future economic and social vulnerability. The financial burden of my final semester has now been alleviated thanks to this wonderful contribution. Thank you again for your generosity and help in achieving my goals."

Millie Lambert — $500 Bursary Recipient (NSCC Cumberland- ALP)

Marcel Southern

After 22 years of working 70 hours a week while raising three children on her own, Millie Lambert decided to return to learning at age 48 and get her high school diploma. “I was the rock and provider for my family all those years. Now that my children were grown, it was time for me to do something for myself.”

“Returning to school was challenging because I had to learn new things again and adjust to using technology while relying on a small fixed budget to make ends meet. My funding provided enough for necessities but did not allow for medical needs, car maintenance and other arising expenses.” Receiving a bursary from LNS makes a huge difference for adult learners like Millie. “It hasn’t been easy for her to come back to school, but her tenacity and determination to succeed outweighed any obstacles that have stood in her way,” says Millie's instructor.

Millie plans to enroll in the Business Administration program at NSCC after she receives her high school diploma. “Going back to school was a huge adjustment but it will all be worth it in the end. I am hoping to better myself and find a job that involves working in customer service. I love working with people because that brings out the best in me as well as others.”

Alicia Goodman — $500 Bursary Recipient (Dartmouth Learning Network)

Alicia Goodman

Alicia Goodman returned to school to get her GED. “My uncle wanted me to come back because he didn’t get his GED, so I did it for him and for me. The best things about going back to school is you get to meet some amazing people and you get to push yourself to do better. I love when I get to help the teachers.”

Her instructor at Dartmouth Learning Network says Alicia has come a long way with her own learning, while taking the initiative to help others, making her a natural teachers’ assistant. “It is inspiring to see her continuous growth,” says her instructor. “She spent two years upgrading in Level 2, and this year she is preparing to write her GED. Due to her fluency in computers, Alicia requested to be in my computer class this year as a volunteer assistant. Her attendance is outstanding despite being needed at home for a variety of responsibilities.”

“The hardest thing about coming back to school is trying to get back into the routine of coming to class and doing the work after being out of school so long,” says Alicia. “My personal plans are to get my GED, get a good job and help out my family.”

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Janice Doubleday — $500 Bursary Recipient (Queens Learning Network)

Janice Doubleday

Janice Doubleday works part-time as a personal care attendant and returned to school to learn how to do her job to the best of her ability.

“Taking my GED has given me the base I need to transform my life,” says Janice. “It is giving me the ability to do my job with the knowledge and skill needed to do it safely and effectively. I feel stronger as a person and proud of myself for working towards my GED. Coming to school has enabled me to make some very difficult personal changes in my life for the better. My family has noticed how happy and content this decision has made me and are supportive.”

Janice’s instructor says she has not swayed from reaching her goals, no matter what adversities arose. “Janice has challenged and successfully completed two of the five GED exams since beginning her classes with Queens Learning Network in January 2019. Janice takes care of relatives, works at a part-time job and attends classes with us as often as possible. Determination, maturity, and motivation all describe Janice, and I believe she is worthy and deserving of the acknowledgement of her achievement.”

“My career goal is to obtain full-time employment helping people,” says Janice, “caring for people who cannot care for themselves as a Continuing Care Assistant.”

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