The Teaching Toolbox

The Teaching Toolbox is a video series which was produced by LNS for the Nova Scotia Practitioner Training and Certification Program, with funding provided by the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills (HRSDC). Each video highlights or demonstrates a practical teaching technique that can be used with adult learners.

Click on the links to see the videos:

Advice About Giving Advice
with Kate Nonesuch

Blackboard in Your Mind
with Kate Nonesuch

Think-Aloud in Mathematics
with Kate Nonesuch

Making Change: Using Money to Teach Math  with Allan Banks

Marking for Confidence in Communications  with Kate Nonesuch

Marking for Confidence in Math
with Kate Nonesuch

Pattern Spelling
with Kate Nonesuch

Publishing Learners
with Kathy MacCuish

Teaching Fractions, Percents and Decimals Together
with Linda Thorsen

Think-Aloud in Communications
with Kate Nonesuch

Written Conversation
with Katie Gowan

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