Introducing Our 2020-21 Scholarship and Bursary Recipients

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Charleen Gill-Gagnon — $1500 Scholarship Recipient (NSCC Ivany)

Charleen Gill-Gagnon

Charleen Gill-Gagnon is a mature student who has worked as a nurse’s aid for over twenty years. She has returned to learning at NSCC to earn a certification that will improve her employability. “Going back as a mature student with a disability has it's negative and positive aspects; however, I am up for the challenges it brings. I know what it takes, and I am willing to put the work into it.”

Charleen’s instructor describes her as a student who is dedicated to her career path. “I am positive that Charleen already knows much of this material, so when I see her encounter something new, her interest and desire to internalize the new information is palpable. Charleen will be within the realm of valedictorian at the end of her program, and I am proud to endorse any of her efforts to support her learning in any capacity.”

Her tutor at NSCC Ivany Campus says “It is clear to me that Charleen is absolutely meant to work in this field. She is caring and compassionate, and amongst the most enthusiastic learners with whom I have ever worked. Her passion for learning the required material is evident, and her work ethic is a testament to this.”

“Some of the best things about going back to school as a mature student is the desire and passion to succeed.”
~ Charleen Gill-Gagnon

William Dupe — $500 Bursary Recipient (NSCC Marconi)

William Dupe

William (Bill) Dupe was inspired to further his education after his youngest daughter graduated from high school and encouraged him to go back to school too. “I knew returning to school would not be easy, dealing with new people, new situations, and dealing with anxiety. As I started to become part of the everyday routine, this school setting had become part of my daily routine. The learning became interesting, and meeting and interacting with classmates was worthwhile to build the learning attitude. I started to take great interest in the CCA program at Marconi. I have my sights set on taking this program in the fall of 2021, with a goal of entering the health care field in 2022.”

Bill’s instructor says he has brightened her online teaching experience with his enthusiasm, motivation, generosity, and love of learning. “Bill started the Adult Learning Program in November 2019, needing many credits for his high school diploma. In June, I learned with surprise and delight that Bill persevered through the remote learning challenges to surpass his progress goals for the semester. This semester, I was happy to welcome Bill into three of my courses. I found him to be an engaged and collaborative learner who contributes to our ALP online learning community by embracing new technology, and engaging in both live classes and modules, encouraging the participation of other learners.”

“When I first started, the plan was just to graduate high school. Then I realized I wanted to help people, especially now with COVID-19 being such a big part of society and everyday life.” ~ William Dupe

Karen Parkinson — $500 Bursary Recipient (NSCC Marconi)

Karen Parkinson

Karen Parkinson felt bullied in school and left before completing grade 10. “School was not a priority in my house. I saw commercials on TV for adult learning programs, and I knew that was the only way I’d finish school.” Karen returned to learning after she had her children. “I got so much support. I learned to read, got my license, and gained the courage to go to NSCC. I plan to graduate this year and take Women's Unlimited after that, then have my own business. My goals are to give my kids the best future possible.”

Her teacher at NSCC Marconi says Karen has made good progress in the 3.5 years she has been attending their program. “Karen continues to improve her literacy skills in creative ways, including the use of technology, standard learning strategies and development of her own personalized strategies. She will be graduating with her Nova Scotia High School Diploma in June 2021 - all while raising a family of readers.”

“I have struggled with learning difficulties and debt, but I will never give up. I want to thank everyone who has supported me on my journey.” ~ Karen Parkinson

Angel Patterson— $500 Bursary Recipient (Queens Adult High School)

Angel Patterson

Angel Patterson has gone back to school to finish grade 12 and acquire the skills she needs to be more employable. “Because I left school when I was in grade 7, I went to the learning network first, to increase my confidence before coming to the adult high. Coming back wasn’t too difficult but I was nervous,” says Angel. “I knew though, that I had to get it done. I was able to organize my schedule around my kids so it made going back easier. The instructors at both schools were very flexible and this allowed me to keep going.”

Angel’s instructor describes her as determined and consistent, and someone who can be counted on to get work accomplished. “Angel is one of our most dedicated full-time students. She attended the learning network part-time and the adult high part-time. It made for a great transition. Angel is a great example of moving successfully from one literacy program to another. We are so proud of her here at Queens Adult High!”

“Right now, my personal plan is to find a good job after I’m done school. As far as my career goals go, I’m not sure at the moment, I’m just proud that I will have accomplished getting my grade 12. My family and kids will be proud.”
~ Angel Patterson

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