Introducing Our 2018-19 Scholarship and Bursary Recipients

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Michael Clyke — $1500 Scholarship Recipient

After nine years of working low paying jobs to support his two children and another on the way, Michael Clyke said enough was enough. After completing the Adult Learning Program at NSCC Truro campus, he enrolled in the Social Services program. “I decided I was going back to school, not only to support myself but also my children, and be a positive role model. I wasn’t considered a "good" student in junior high and high school. I don't think the teachers had the time to give each student the attention they needed to succeed. That was no excuse for me dropping out of high school, but I feel like it was a contributing factor.”

One of his instructors at NSCC Truro says Mike often took on leadership roles in class. “Mike has shown a persistent interest in improving his education and reaching his goals. He graduated from the adult learning program last year and continues his studies this year at NSCC in the social service program. He hopes to give back to his community by working in this area when he graduates.”

Michael plans to attend Mount Saint Vincent University after he completes the social services program. “Ultimately I would like to pursue a career in child protection.”

“Some of the best things about going back to school in my experience are first, the teachers; they work with you at anything you need help in and they want you to succeed; also the friends you make and the overall experience make going back worth it.”
~ Michael Clyke

Marcel Southern — $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Marcel Southern

Marcel Southern wasn’t happy with the stress and demands of his old career, so he found a trade that he was really interested in. “I have finally found the courage for going back to school. I completed my high school and I am looking forward to the electrical construction course that I am enrolled in at Shelburne NSCC.”

“My plan is to get through this year and look forward, not backward from where I left off with my old career. I’m going to focus on getting my four blocks as an apprentice. My goal is to be a contractor and work for myself like I used to and provide the quality work that the consumer deserves.”

His former instructor at Yarmouth County Learning Network says Marcel is one of the most motivated learners she has taught. “As soon as he joined our adult learning program, he quickly impressed me with his attention to detail, intelligence and ability to work through abstract concepts and make connections. Marcel is an eager learner who expects a lot of himself and is willing to do the work in order to succeed and rise to the top. Marcel has consistently set realistic goals for himself and sees it through to the end. I am confident that whatever Marcel takes on, he will be a success.”

“The hardest thing about going back to school is adjusting with the new course load and not having the same income coming in. I would be truly excited if I won this scholarship, knowing all the things I had to let go of so I could go back to school.”
~ Marcel Southern

Ashley Coggins-Comeau — $500 Bursary Recipient

Ashley Coggins-Comeau

Ashley Coggins-Comeau is a young woman who has overcome many roadblocks in life. “I am in a low-income situation, so the cost of childcare and transportation is a factor that causes me to worry that I won’t be able to afford to stay in school.”

Ashley attends classes at Yarmouth Community Learning Network. “One of my biggest reasons for going back to school is my children, to set an example that it may be hard, but can be done. I’m also doing this for myself, to show my inner self that I can do it. I plan to continue my schooling until I can work with children in group homes. Being a child of the system as well, I have the passion, empathy, and knowledge to give to these people and to help them succeed.”

Her instructor says Ashley is working incredibly hard to realize her potential. “She is inspiring to the other learners in the class, as she models such ideals as honouring commitments and taking responsible risks in order to achieve success.”

“My dream is to help young people get the futures they desire, and deserve, and to see the look on their faces when they finally get that job or diploma.” ~ Ashley Coggins-Comeau

Cathy Spike — $500 Bursary Recipient

Cathy Spike

Cathy Spike left high school in Grade 11. “I had moved and was not able to continue. I always wanted to go back and get my grade 12. I always told myself that getting my grade 12 would make me feel a lot better towards my life.”

Cathy attends ALP classes at Dartmouth Learning Network. Her instructor says that Cathy demonstrates a strong initiative in her school work that comes from years of meetings, networking and volunteering in her community. “She demonstrates respect and kindness towards others and encourages them to make positive changes in their lives.”

“I find that the hardest thing about going back to school is facing the routine on a daily basis,” says Cathy. “It was always a challenge for me. The best thing about going back to school is I get to better myself and work at the goal of getting my grade 12.”

“I am willing to do the work to get to that spot where I can say I got my grade 12, and I want to apply the tools and skills I am learning to get there.” ~ Cathy Spike

Todd Colbourne — $500 Bursary Recipient

Todd Colbourne

Todd Colbourne enrolled in upgrading at the Pictou County Continuous Learning Association (PiCCoLA) at age 53. “I returned to school to get my GED because of a bad back which made it so I could no longer work. The best thing about going back to school is the interactions with others. My personal goal is to further my education and maybe become a writer.”

His instructor says Todd has already received an award, for perfect attendance at PiCCoLA. “He is a kind man who genuinely cares for others and is always willing to lend a helping hand at both school and the community.”

“Todd has truly embraced the challenge of life-long learning! This man had never even turned on a computer, but he took one of our computer courses (in addition to studying towards his GED) and became quite a role model for all of our students, stepping WAY outside of his comfort zone.”

“Going back to school brings up good memories and helps me learn where I went wrong when I was younger.” ~ Todd Colbourne

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