Introducing Our 2017-18 Scholarship
and Bursary Recipients

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Susan Shaw – $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Susan Shaw

Susan returned to learning at age 50 after leaving an abusive marriage. “I spent three weeks at Chrysalis House, and it was there I realized I wanted to counsel women and children in the same situation. I gained so much knowledge through the years, and who better than to counsel than someone who had lived it.

“I hadn’t been to school in thirty-three years, and it was a challenge, but it came back to me,” says Susan. “I obtained my GED last spring and my next step is to go to NSCC to take Social Services. My plan is to attend NSCC for two years and then go to Acadia University.” Susan is very passionate about her goal which is to help people who have been where she once was.

Susan’s instructor says she is an enthusiastic learner who passed all her GED tests on the first try. “She inspires others with her positive attitude no matter how great her fears may be. She works hard until she understands what she is trying to learn and does not give up. Sue has a passion and a drive to complete her education so she can go into a field that helps others succeed as well.”

Ryan Perrin – $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Ryan Perrin

Ryan had just completed grade eight at age 14 when he became ill. “The illness left me with damaged nerves which tell me I'm always in pain. I saw what must have been dozens of doctors over the course of a few years.”

Eventually, Ryan had enough. “I took myself off all medication, learned to cope with the pain on my own, and decided to become a doctor. I've done all this because I want to make sure there's a doctor out there who can help people like myself.”

Ryan attended the Adult Learning Program at Kingstec and excelled. “Ryan is the first ALP student at Kingstec to complete the pre-calculus course,” says his instructor. “He has demonstrated outstanding dedication to his studies, and contributes positively to the learning environment by encouraging and supporting his classmates. Ryan is enrolled in Dalhousie University’s Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences program. As he moves towards his ultimate goal of becoming a medical doctor, Ryan’s determination has only strengthened. I have no doubt that he will achieve his goal.”

James Foggoa – $1500 Scholarship Recipient


James Foggoa returned to school because he needed a better and more meaningful way to provide for his family. “For me, just passing the GED was a big deal and I did it, with help from some good people. I started the Oil Heat Systems Technician program at NSCC this fall. It’s going well so far.”

“I’m looking forward to learning a skill that will lead me to a career as opposed to the dead-end jobs I’ve had in the past,” says James. “My goal is to get my Red Seal and maybe someday work for myself. I am doing all this for my two children. They mean everything to me, and I’ll do whatever it takes to give them a good life.”

His instructor says that James’ dedication to obtaining his GED is unparalleled. “He worked tirelessly over the summer, wrote his GED tests and passed all of them. This quality of individual is not often encountered. As if this was not impressive enough, James did all of this while balancing family life. He achieved his goal while still being an outstanding father figure to his children.”   VIDEO

Beverly Brace– $500 Bursary Recipient

Beverly Brace Beverly Brace left school at age 14. She raised her children and did what she needed to do to make ends meet. After many years, Bev felt she was missing something by not having her grade 12 and not pursuing a career. “I didn’t pursue anything because of fear of failure. My low self esteem stopped me from trying to better my life.”

“My friends and my wonderful children encouraged me to go back to school,” says Bev. “I was nervous because I had been out of school for so long, but I was determined. I am now in the second year of the Adult Learning Program at NSCC Truro and I love it! The staff there are so supportive. I hope to graduate this year and I will continue on to the Medical Admin course. After that I may pursue nursing as a career if I can get the funding. I will succeed because I am determined and nothing will get in my way!”

Her ALP instructor says Bev is an amazing person and student. “Bev is hard working, dedicated, motivated and consistent. She will no doubt meet her academic goals, and with her ‘no excuses’ attitude that we often see her demonstrating, Bev will find success in the future.”   VIDEO

Twyla Doucet – $500 Bursary Recipient

Twyla Doucet

Twyla Doucet was on social assistance and knew she would never be able to give her children the lives they deserved. “I decided it was time to lead a good example and return to school. Going back to school changed me as a person. I’ve learned that I’m capable of doing anything I put my mind to! It has been tough, physically, mentally and financially getting to where I am and returning to school. I had to leave my part-time job to return to school because I couldn’t do both, but it’s the right choice for my family. Pushing through the obstacles has opened my mind to all that I can achieve. Education is the key and I am going for it!”

After she graduates with her adult learning diploma, she wants to take the Cosmetology Course at NSCC, and someday own her own beauty parlour. “Making people feel good about themselves and raising self confidence is extremely important to me. I want to meet people, hear their stories and help them through whatever they are going through.

Her instructor says Twyla is always willing to encourage, support and act as a role model for other learners. “As a mother of a young family on limited income, returning to school has not come without sacrifice; however, Twyla maintains a diligent and enthusiastic attitude to learning.”

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