Introducing Our 2016-17 Scholarship and Bursary Recipients

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Laken Betts – $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Laken Betts

Laken Betts made the decision to return to school to try and get a lasting job after years of dealing with underemployment. “I felt a deep sense of shame for never having gone to high school, and I had no confidence in myself and my abilities. Due to the lack of self-confidence, I had never imagined going back to school for post-secondary education.”

Laken has successfully completed the ALP at NSCC Truro, and is a changed person. “I didn’t fully appreciate the positive effect that ALP had on me until I graduated and took the time to reflect on my experience. I have a deep sense for pride in myself for going back to school. My time in the program made me realize just how capable I was. It taught me that if I worked hard, I really could accomplish whatever I set my mind to.”

Her instructor says “I have seen tremendous growth in Laken, not only academically but in her personal growth. The once shy, quiet girl that came into the program left a confident and vibrant individual who reaches out to others. Her strong work ethic supported her as she always sought to improve her knowledge and skill in a subject.”

Michael Lake – $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Michael Lake returned to school because he felt he needed a better education in order to improve his opportunities and to serve as a positive role model to his son. “I spent years in Alberta trying to make a living while having no certification in construction. Where I live now, working in construction did not provide a reliable source of income. I turned to working on boats and welding so that I could support my family.”

“Now I have the opportunity to achieve something I always assumed was beyond me,” says Michael. ”I realize just how much potential I have. My career goals are, in my opinion, well within my reach. I plan to finish my apprenticeship in welding, and then I will pursue my ticket in millwright and machining.”

Michael’s instructor describes him as “one of the most naturally talented and hardworking students with whom I have had the opportunity to work with. He is articulate, resourceful and committed to improving his opportunities through education.”

Danielle DeCoff – $500 Bursary Recipient

Danielle DeCoff

Danielle DeCoff says she was a rebellious teenager who left school at age 16, but she quickly reached a point in her life where she wanted change. “I finally had enough courage to ask my support worker to help me get my education. I have now successfully completed 2 of 5 GED tests and am attending an employability program that teaches academic pieces that are helping me learn the things I need to finish my GED. My goal is to have my GED finished by the end of this year so I can apply for the Social Services course that NSCC offers.”

Danielle is determined to succeed. “I am trying to show my children that it is okay to struggle as long as you do not give up. I want to set the example for my children that hard work and determination yields results.”

Her instructor describes her as a hard-working single mom who always comes to class prepared and on time. “Danielle is enthusiastic and has a wonderful attitude. I have no doubt she will succeed in her goals and leave a positive mark on the world!”

Cameron Milner– $500 Bursary Recipient

Cameron Milner Cameron Milner struggled with anxiety in public school and was worried he would have the same problems at NSCC. “Now I don’t have any worries, and instead I enjoy it and look forward to going every day. Returning to school hasn’t only let me meet new people, but I was also able to get a part-time job. The job has allowed me to gain new experience along with being able to help out around the campus.”

Cameron plans to become a paramedic. “Another thing I would like to do after I gain experience is to join the military as a medical technician. Joining the military has always been something I’ve wanted to do, but my first goal right now is to graduate with high marks.”

His instructors say he is a quiet learner who is very reliable. “As my student in two classes last year, he did not have a single absence. I have encouraged Cameron to pursue courses in university because of the ability he has demonstrated.”

Kylie Powder – $500 Bursary Recipient

Kylie Powder

Kylie Powder says that as a single mother of three facing financial distress, going back to school is the biggest challenge. “I am determined to set a positive example for my children and to do whatever it takes to reach my goal. I plan to strive for my goals and maintain a healthy family life as well. The most challenging part about going back to school is trying to balance my home life with my children, while keeping up with bills and expenses, and maintaining my academic progress.”

Kylie’s ultimate goal is to enroll in the Dalhousie School of Nursing program in 2017 and fulfill her dream of becoming a registered nurse, which will allow her to provide a bright future for her family.

Kylie’s instructor says she has made impressive progress in the Adult Learning Program, completing several academic courses in one year. “She is a very independent worker, setting goals to complete assignments and modules in a timely manner. The quality of her work is excellent. She has the drive to succeed which will lead her to excel in her chosen field. Kylie has been a great asset to the ALP and I believe she will be successful in all she chooses to pursue.”

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