Introducing Our 2015-16 Scholarship and Bursary Recipients

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Bijou Dlamini – $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Bijou Diamini

Bijou Dlamini is a 2nd year Child and Youth Care student who fled from the Congo and spent several years living in refugee camps before being placed in a South African orphanage. “Education is important to me because when I was a child I was unable to go to school.”

Bijou’s instructors at NSCC Truro describe her as very conscientious with an ‘incredible’ work ethic. “Bijou has an innate resilience for anything that comes her way, and she has always demonstrated a love, care and concern for education and for the community.”

“After graduation in June 2015, I plan to work making a difference in the lives of women and children.”

Tanya Morton – $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Tanya, who is currently enrolled in the Continuing Care Assistant Program at NSCC Truro, returned to learning after being out of the school system for many years. “The thought of going back was a question, because I didn’t believe in myself that I actually could do it. Now that I’m in the CCA program, I know that I can do anything that I put my mind to.”

“Tanya’s work ethic is one of persistence, determination and following through on what needs to be done,” say her instructors. “She is supportive of others in the program and has grown both academically and personally during her time at NSCC”.

“The hardest thing about going back to school was believing in myself, that I could graduate with faith and hard work. Now my plans for the future are true and clear.”

Samantha Webb – $500 Bursary Recipient

Samantha Webb is enrolled in Port Hawkesbury Literacy Council’s Employability Program. “I quit school at age sixteen in the ninth grade due to severe social anxiety. Math overwhelmed me. I thought it was just me being not smart enough to understand it but since I’ve started this program, my struggle is quickly depleting.”

Samantha’s instructors describe her as an eager student with a smile to share with others who attends classes regularly and has words of encouragement for her classmates. “We have no doubt that Samantha will succeed in her life. She is bright, pleasant, talented and motivated.”

“For the past two years, I’ve been struggling, but the learning program has shown me that there is hope for my future and my family’s future.”

Wendy Faye – $500 Bursary Recipient

Wendy Faye Wendy Faye returned to school at age 47. She attends the adult learning program at Shelburne County Learning Network. “I knew I needed a better understanding, more knowledge and education.”

Wendy’s instructors say she inspires them. “Wendy has become the learner who leads by example and is a very good advocate for herself and others. She is quick to encourage anyone who gets discouraged, and often relates her own experiences to others so that they realize they are not alone in their struggles. We can’t wait to see what Wendy’s future holds.”

“I wake up each day feeling grateful that I have this opportunity to achieve my goals.”

Brandi Nickerson – $500 Bursary Recipient

Brandi plans to graduate from the Adult Learning Program at NSCC Lunenburg in June 2016 and continue her studies in either Human Services or Business. “I love having the routine I have now. My son and I get up every morning and go to school. I overcame my fears of teachers and classrooms. I know I can do this with the great support systems I have in place.”

Her instructors say that Brandi exemplifies the positive changes that adult literacy can have on an individual and family. “She has worked diligently to improve her life situation through education and has undertaken many positive steps and initiatives to succeed.”

“No matter what your age, or the bumps in the road that interfere with life, you can always go back and finish what you started.”

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