Introducing Our 2014-15 Scholarship and Bursary Recipients

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Tausha Butler – $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Tausha has returned to school to create a career and fulfill her dream of attending university.

Tausha is currently enrolled in the Academic and Career Connections Program at the Nova Scotia Community College. She is a determined mother and motivated student. She hopes to provide a better life for her young family.

Tausha's instructors say that her ambition to provide a better life for her family is truly admirable. One instructor wrote "I have no doubt that Tausha will gain substantial assistance and motivation from this scholarship.”

Angela MacKinnon – $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Angela attended the Bedford Sackville Learning Network where she completed her GED. While continuing part-time studies at BSLN, Angela began the NSCC Environmental Planning Program on a full-time basis and is currently in her second year at the Centre of Geographic Sciences. She says that although the program is demanding, "it has enhanced my skills in ways I never thought possible.”

Angela credits her instructors for encouraging her to succeed. One instructor wrote “Angela is a perfect example of the success that can be achieved with hard work and commitment.” Another instructor writes “Angela has in a short time made a lot of progress towards building a better future for herself and her family.”

“No one said this was going to be easy," says Angela, "but with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.”

Suzanne Clairmont - $500 Bursary Recipient

Suzanne Clairmont

Suzanne has returned to the Yarmouth County Learning Network to complete her GED. She takes pride in her efforts, and her future plans include the Cosmetology Program at the Nova Scotia Community College.

Suzanne sees the possibilities open up before her as she journeys through her learning. "To reach my diploma means endless opportunities”.

Her instructors describe Suzanne as hard working and dedicated to improving her education. “She talks about her accomplishments with joy, her failures with understanding and her plans with enthusiasm,” said one instructor.

“I want to see what a better me looks like," says Suzanne, "with an education, a decent job and a future”.

Shayna Farnsworth - $500 Bursary Recipient

Shayna Farnsworth

Shayna currently attends the Yarmouth County Learning Network. Shayna realizes that furthering her education will have a direct benefit for her children’s lives.

Once she has completed her program at Yarmouth County Learning Network, she hopes to continue on to the Nova Scotia Community College to pursue a career in Cosmetology.

One instructor wrote, “Shayna will push herself to continue to grow and develop as an adult learner”. Another instructor wrote “I think that Shayna is a very valuable contributor to the classroom and is making great steps towards her own educational goals. I am inspired by her strong sense of self, and her drive to learn, despite personal obstacles”.

Ashley Muise – $500 Bursary Recipient

Ashley Muise

Ashley is in her first year of the ALP Program at the Nova Scotia Community College, Burridge Campus. Her mother was her inspiration to return to school.

Ashley's interests include photography, modeling and mechanics. “I’m currently exploring what my options are for furthering my education and working in these areas once I complete the ALP Program”.

Her instructor says “Ashley has a positive impact on her class and an enthusiastic attitude toward learning”. Ashley says that the bursary will ease her financial burden and improve her living situation.

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