Introducing Our 2013-14 Scholarship
and Bursary Recipients

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Shelby Priscilla Moore – $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Shelby Priscilla Moore

Shelby earned her Grade 12 with Honours from the Adult Learning Program at the NSCC Pictou Campus in June and is now enrolled in the Human Services Program.

Shelby has experienced many challenges and has overcome barriers in her life. She gratefully acknowledges the faculty at the college for their support and encouragement in her learning journey.

One of Shelby’s instructors said, “I am inspired to see her rise above the many challenging circumstances she has faced over the years to now actively achieve and realize her goals and dreams. Shelby is incredibly intelligent; I know, without a doubt, that she will do very well in the Human Services Program and hopefully continue on after that to work towards obtaining an undergraduate degree.”

Shelby works part time to help make ends meet. Even with her busy school and work schedule, Shelby knows the value in volunteering in her community and at school. Shelby volunteered at her local community centre in their summer program and other activities, and is an active volunteer at the Salvation Army food bank. She has been elected as Student Association Vice President of Services by the NSCC Pictou Campus student body.

“I have been working extremely hard to better myself through education. The thought of success keeps me going.”

Melissa Stevenson – $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Melissa Stevenson

At 16, Melissa was attending school and working to make a living for herself. She found it was too much for her to do and she left school in grade 10. Years later, she realized that she needed to improve her literacy and essential skills.

She enrolled in the Adult Learning Program at the NSCC Truro and struggled with the uncertainty of whether she had made the right decision to return to school. She persevered and graduated with her high school diploma in 2011. Melissa is now fulfilling her lifelong dream of being involved in law enforcement and is completing her final year in the Corrections program.

Melissa acknowledges the help she received from her tutors to keep her organized and on track. She learned the value in the NSCC Ambassador Program by volunteering for them. Her tutors wrote, “Melissa is reliable, committed, enthusiastic, and confident in her role, and very much a leader. She is a hard worker, truly dedicated to her studies and has overcome huge barriers, both personally and financially. She has clear goals and has the sheer determination and work ethic to make her dream possible.

Melissa said, “I am proud to say that I am the first person in my family to get grade 12 and go to college. Now I am in my final year and looking forward to walking across the stage in June with my diploma in Corrections.”

“I know there is a big bright future out there for me and I am going to work hard to reach every goal.”

Betty Lee Legere - $500 Bursary Recipient

Betty Lee Legere

Betty Lee returned to school in January 2013 determined to make a better life for herself and her family. She plans to graduate with her grade 12 in June 2014 and then plans to pursue a degree in business and accounting.

Her instructor said, “Betty Lee attacks her assignments with gusto, is driven to succeed and has a clear set of attainable goals.”

Another instructor wrote, “Betty Lee is always willing to participate in class discussions and contribute valuable ideas and knowledge. She exudes enthusiasm and adds positive energy to our class and it is contagious. She supports her classmates in their school work and provides moral support when they need a friend.

"I have gained a lot of self esteem since I have started this program. I never thought I was smart or could accomplish as much as I have. I feel I am accomplishing something in my life and I have learned so much more about who I am.”

Bryanna Josiah - $500 Bursary Recipient

Bryanna Josiah

Bryanna quit school in Grade 11 to join the workforce but found that working a minimum wage job got old quickly. Deciding not to settle for less than she deserved, she knew continuing her education was the key. She enrolled in the Adult Learning Program at the NSCC Pictou Campus and plans to graduate with her Grade 12 in 2014.

Bryanna’s instructors noted her maturity and ability to stay focused on success while balancing school work and personal life. One instructor wrote, “Bryanna has the potential to be successful at whatever academic challenges or career option she pursues. I believe she will make a significant contribution to her profession and community.

Another noted her strong work ethic. “She maintains a very high average and is motivated to complete her studies this year. She is a spirited student with a zest for learning, enjoys a challenge and is always willing to help her fellow classmates. She plans on going into the field of Psychology upon completion of her grade 12, and I have no doubt she will be successful.

“I have learned a lot about myself this past year. I can now see the great potential I have to be successful.”

Isaac Desmond – $500 Bursary Recipient

Isaac found it very difficult to go back into the classroom after being away for nine years. Now that he has overcome many obstacles, Vernon says he enjoys school and it is a positive experience for him. “With great mentors, counselors, and positive people in my live, I am finally getting my life back.” Vernon plans to graduate from the Adult Learning Program at the NSCC Pictou Campus in June and then continue his education by enrolling in either welding or carpentry.

One of Isaac’s instructors wrote, “Isaac is a very determined young man. He is an excellent communicator and has a great work ethic and a passion to succeed.”

A former teacher also recommended Isaac for this award and praised his dedication to family and his desire to succeed. She noted that Isaac has many fine qualities, and he is genuinely engaged in both his studies and his family. Not only does he work to improve his skills and increase his options for a more prosperous career, but he also takes care of his young family and his grandmother.

Isaac knows juggling schedules is hard sometimes but he sees a great future for himself.

“Hard work and determination pays off.”

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