Introducing Our 2012-13 Scholarship
and Bursary Recipients

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Yolanda Cleaves – $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Yolanda Cleaves

Yolanda completed all 12 credits of the Adult Learning Program level 4 in one year and graduated from the Digby Community Education Centre in June 2012. Yolanda moved from Digby to Kentville to attend the 2 year Business Administration program at the Kingstec Campus and she is exploring the opportunity to extend her education further by continuing at Acadia University to complete a Bachelor’s degree in finance.

Yolanda’s instructors highly recommended her for the scholarship. “Yolanda works hard to manage family responsibilities; all her choices and actions reflect this. She has good planning and time management skills and a great dedication to working hard to provide a better future for her son and herself.” The instructor went on to say, “Yolanda has found self-worth and esteem through education. Improving her essential skills has improved her self esteem. I believe her actions of life-long learning and her belief in education and hard work as the route to success will also transfer to the next generation. I am sure Yolanda will continue to succeed.”

“I look forward to continuing my education. I would love to have the opportunity to speak to others who have the dream of obtaining an education. With motivation and determination, I believe we can all achieve our goals and dreams.”

Michelle Anne Himmelman – $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Michelle Anne Himmelman

Michelle graduated from the NSCC Truro Campus with her grade 12 diploma in June 2012 and is in her first year of the Practical Nursing program at the campus. Since beginning her studies, she has found the support of faculty and her classmates to be phenomenal. “The NSCC turned out to be a wonderful experience. The faculty is great, the friends I made will last my lifetime, and the confidence they give me by encouraging me to continue is amazing.”

Michelle is described by her instructors as focused, pleasant, determined, and hardworking with a zest for life. “There are many things that set Michelle apart from other students such as her persevering attitude as well as her contagious positive spirit.” Another noted, “She holds down a number of part-time jobs to make ends meet, raises a son on her own, and still does very well in school. The determination she shows is above what I have experienced from most people. I believe Michelle’s technical and common sense, as well as her compassionate personality will serve the clinical profession well.”

“My future plans are looking more and more obtainable. I can’t wait.”

Lois Veinot - $500 Bursary Recipient

Lois Veinot

Lois is in the Adult Learning Program in the Middleton Campus and plans to graduate in 2014. After she raised her family, she knew she had to update her skills in order to access better employment opportunities. Lois is a positive role model for her children and for others. After she graduates in 2014, Lois plans to further her education and obtain a degree in Massage Therapy and Reflexology or in Human Services as a counselor.

Lois' instructors are impressed with her determination. "She has a thirst for knowledge and self improvement. Last summer when we did not hold classes, Lois worked ahead on school assignments." Another wrote, “Lois’ attitude and work ethic have been exceptional, providing a great role model for her classmates. Her positive outlook on life and her people skills provide a supportive shoulder for her classmates.”

“I would love to have my grade 12 diploma. With determination I shall receive it!”

Naomi Walker - $500 Bursary Recipient

Naomi Walker

Naomi attends the Adult Learning Program of the Western HRM Community Learning Network. Conquering her doubts and fears of returning to the classroom, Naomi developed a true appreciation for the value of education. She felt a fire begin to grow inside as she gained confidence in her abilities, and began to set goals for herself and for her family. She is working towards her goal of completing a degree in psychology specializing in child behavior.

Her instructors have noted Naomi’s many positive changes. “Her confidence has exploded as she now looks forward to the challenges of solving problems. She has inspired new learners and her fellow classmates to begin and to continue their own learning journeys.” They added, “Her ability to inspire only begins in the class. As a mother, she has become a role model for her two children and has provided her extended family such joy.

“With the help of the amazing people I’ve met on this journey, I’ve been able to convert the negative impression I once had for the educational system into reachable goals. This in turn will allow me to show myself and my family that there are no boundaries.”

Tatiana Poltavets – $500 Bursary Recipient

Tatiana Poltavets

Tatiana is attending the Adult Learning Program at the Cumberland Campus and plans to graduate in June 2013. Leaving high school when she did was a difficult choice for Tatiana. Now she is extremely pleased to have been given the opportunity to complete her grade 12 and to work at the same time. Tatiana has already applied to the Construction Electrician program at NSCC for September 2013.

Tatiana’s instructors highly recommended her for the bursary. “Tatiana is consistent and reliable; she works diligently in each class. She is a pleasure to have as a student and I have enjoyed seeing her confidence grow as she works towards achieving her goal of completing grade 12.” Another instructor noted, “Tatiana is an excellent example of a dedicated life-long learner and I know she will continue to embrace any opportunities that present themselves.”

“I am determined to push myself, and I am thrilled by this wonderful opportunity to take my life in a whole new direction.”

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