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Our 2011-12 Scholarship and Bursary Recipients

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Jennifer Lillington – $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Jennifer Lillington

Jennifer graduated with her grade 12 diploma from the Marconi Campus in June. She is now enrolled in the Human Services Program at the Truro Campus of the Nova Scotia Community College.

Jennifer’s instructors noted her determination from the beginning as she set her goals high. Her instructor noted, “Aside from travelling to school and leaving her family behind, she managed to work part-time and will resume her responsibilities of full-time work with her husband as a lobster and crab fisherwoman following her school year. Her versatility is admirable.

Another instructor commended Jennifer on her goodwill towards others and said, “Jennifer has a remarkable ability to make good friends, inspire fellow students, and leads by example with respect to her studies.


Melodie Francis - $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Melodie Francis

Melodie graduated from the ALP at the NSCC-Waterfront in June 2011 with special recognition for “Highest Achievement” in the Adult Learning Program. Melodie is currently enrolled at the Waterfront Campus in the two year diploma program of Medical Laboratory Technology.

Melodie’s instructors highly recommended her for this scholarship. They wrote, “Melodie displays a passion for learning; this is evident in both her attentiveness to instruction and the assignments passed in. Her efforts are always first class. She has a zest for furthering her lot in life.”

Another wrote, “I am confident that Melodie will demonstrate the same drive and hard work in whatever courses, employment, or challenges she faces. Setting and reaching goals through effective organization, hard work makes Melodie a standout. “


Clark Graham - $500 Bursary Recipient

Clark Graham returned to school this year at the Chignecto Central Adult High School this year after an 18 year absence.

Clark says the hardest things he faced as he returned to school besides limited financial resources is having to be in class all day as he was used to being outside. He also found how his skills in writing and grammar went down and is happy at the fact that they are returning quickly!

Clark’s biology instructor noted his positive attitude and how he brings it to the classroom and assists other students complete their biology assignments. Another instructor noted Clark’s desire and commitment to his academic performance and wrote, “Clark participates in classroom discussions and has consistently completed assigned work. I have seen an openness to try new things. He is also accepting of others and encourages them to participate. I see many great things in Clark’s future.

Clark’s goal is to graduate in June 2012 and to enroll in the community college electrician course. After he becomes a licensed electrician he plans to start his own electrical contracting company.


Michelle MacDonald – $500 Bursary Recipient

Michelle MacDonald

Michelle left school in Grade 8 and is enrolled in the Adult Learning Program Level 4 at the Marconi Campus of the NSCC.

Michelle’s instructors noted Michelle’s excellent work ethic and love of learning. One wrote, “Her dedication and persistence is rewarded in marks that are all above 85%. “

Another noted, “Global Geography is one of Michelle’s favorite subject areas; her passion for Global issues such as Literacy, poverty and Human rights has been exemplary from day one. Michelle continually works to improve the lives of others by doing service learning within our school and in the community.”


Lori-Anne Stone - $500 Bursary Recipient

Lori-Anne is a student at the Chignecto Central Adult High School in Truro. She left public school after completing grade 8. Lori-Anne wrote, “I knew without a proper education I wouldn’t be able to get a good job and have the life I wanted and be able to have children and give them a life they deserve.

Lori-Anne also noted, “One of the hardest things about returning to school was just making the decision to do it and the change it would make to my lifestyle. One of the best things I’ve experienced returning to school was the confidence it gave me and the knowledge of knowing I can succeed in whatever I do.

Lori-Anne’s goal is to enroll in the electrical engineering program at the Nova Scotia Community College.


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