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Daniel Rector - $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Daniel Rector

Daniel is a first year student in the Human Services program at the Nova Scotia Community College, Truro Campus and is president of the Student Association. Daniel left school in grade 10 and was home-schooled before he entered the Colchester Adult Learning Association (CALA). After upgrading at CALA, Daniel enrolled in the Adult Learning Program at the Truro Campus and graduated in June 2009.

Daniel made a favourable impression on his instructors. One wrote, “He has been present for all classes and brings a pleasant and enthusiastic personality to the room. He is a student leader and models the values of openness and inclusion to others in the room. His written work has been thoughtful and completed diligently. He will become a dynamic human services professional.”

Another instructor wrote, “Daniel is an inspiration, both to faculty and students alike. He has become a leader at this campus; his integrity is modeled everyday by his personable approach. He represents the very best in what our students can become.”

Daniel’s future plans include going to university to study psychology so that one day he will be able to help young adult males who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Daniel said, “There wasn’t anywhere for me to go to get help so I don’t want to see a young man have to go through that if I can help it. Education is the key to my future hopes and dreams.”

Mike Shaw - $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Mike Shaw

Mike is enrolled in the Business Administration program at the Nova Scotia Community College, Truro Campus. He attended the Adult Learning Program at the Nova Scotia Community College – Truro Campus and his goal was to graduate with his daughter who was taking the Continuing Care Assistant course at the college. Mike fulfilled that goal and graduated with his Adult High School Diploma in June, 2009.

Mike is a role model at the Truro campus. His ALP instructor writes, “Mike showed his true colours last May in ALP. Although he had already finished all of his coursework and was a graduate long before the deadline, Mike was at school every day so he could mentor and help other students. Mike was a tutor, friend, and shoulder to cry on for many students. He even provided transportation for some students so they could get here every day. On graduation day, Mike was cheered across the stage by many of his fellow graduates.

Mike’s tutor noted his diligence, “Deciding to advance his education has become a personal passion for him. It does not come easy, but he works tirelessly at it. He has also been instrumental in encouraging others to put their best effort into their goals.

Mike found it hard to go back to school after many years in the workforce and his life changing illness. He feared he would not be able to learn and worried about the possible age difference between him and his classmates.

Mike said, “It was very hard to go back to school but the best part of going back to school was the camaraderie between my classmates, teachers, tutors and staff and I loved the atmosphere of learning the NSCC provided. I was quite honoured at the Awards Night to receive the Inspiration Award and a note from my academic chair and school counsellor congratulating me for my efforts motivating and helping nine other students to finish and graduate the ALP program in 2009.”

He added that he now carries his burning desire for education into the Business Administration Program.

Karen Augustine - $500 Bursary Recipient

Karen Augustine

Karen Augustine is in the Adult Learning Program at the NSCC Waterfront Campus in Dartmouth. She plans to continue her education by enrolling in the Human Services program after she graduates next year.

Karen says, “After being out of school for 25 years I needed to try again. With this second chance of a new beginning, I told myself anything was possible; I just needed to set my mind to it.”

Karen is seen as a model student in the Adult Learning Program. Her instructors know she has overcome many hurdles to get to where she is today. One had this to say about Karen. “The person we see today is much stronger, confident and a role model for others. She is one of the most inspiring students I have ever taught.”

Another instructor wrote, “She serves as a role model to all our students, to show that it can be done, grade 12 is possible! I don’t know what we will do without her when she graduates as we will miss her constant presence and help in the classroom.

Karen said, “My goal is to strive for education and fulfill my want for knowledge. I remember the words of my sister who once said, “Never give up on your dreams and fight for what you want.” From her advice, I chose to reflect upon my hardships, learn from my failures and build upon my accomplishments.”

William Michael Dalton - $500 Bursary Recipient

William Michael Dalton

Michael Dalton is a student at the Kings County Adult High School in Middleton. He plans to enrol in the plumbing course at the Kingstec Campus of the Nova Scotia Community College after he receives his grade 12 diploma.

Michael found himself out of work due to a business closure and began to apply for many jobs he was qualified for except for one thing; the jobs required a high school diploma. Michael says, “I realized how important it was when I did not get any calls for interviews. That’s when I knew I had to make a change.”

Michael came highly recommended for the bursary by his instructors who wrote, “Michael is extremely dedicated. His work is well organized. His ability to prioritize is worthy of mention. Michael has a goal for his future and his marks reflect that success will be is. He is helpful to other students and is a fine example for them to emulate.”

Another notes, “Michael is an excellent student; his hard work shows in his above average marks.”

Michael feels very lucky to have his family’s support. He said, “I hope to show all my children how important it is to stay in school and get a good education. No matter what obstacles are put in front of me, I know I can do this. I know this is going to be one of my greatest accomplishments.”

Sandra Palmer - $500 Bursary Recipient

Sandra Palmer

Sandra Palmer is a student in the Adult Learning Program at the Cumberland Campus and plans to enrol in the Continuing Care Assistant program after she graduates in June, 2010.

Sandra says, “I returned to school for my children; they are older now and I want them to be proud of me.

Sandra impressed faculty with her attitude and dedication to her work. Her biology teacher wrote, “The key to success is based on time management and an ability to work well independently as well as with faculty and other students. Considering her initial anxiety, I consider this acquisition of knowledge to be a significant accomplishment towards her personal growth and potential. She has formed a social network with other students who are able to motivate each other to succeed. She displays good work ethics and her attendance record is excellent.”

Another instructor wrote, “Sandy approaches her studies seriously. She has a great attitude toward her education and has set very specific and realistic goals for herself. I am pleased to have her in class.”

Sandra said, “It was extremely hard for me to go back to school. I have realized that even though it is going to be hard and stressful there are lots of people that are willing and want to help me achieve my goals.”

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