Our 2008-09
Scholarship and Bursary Recipients

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Joanne MacDougall - $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Joanne MacDougall

Joanne is a student in the Human Services program at the Nova Scotia Community College, Truro Campus. Joanne left school in 1986 before finishing grade 12. With encouragement from her friend to go back to school and take a course that would lead to a career and not just a job, Joanne had to face one of her worst fears…getting her high school diploma.

Joanne was enrolled in the Adult Learning Program and she graduated in June 2008. Joanne writes, "It took no time for me to fit in and become comfortable in my new surroundings. Everywhere I turned there was someone wanting to help with homework and any assistance I needed. I had almost no confidence going into the program last November and now I feel that I can do anything that I put my mind to."

Joanne's friend wrote, "Since Joanne began her journey by returning to school, I have found that she is enthusiastic, dedicated and determined to do well in her studies. I am a firm believer Joanne will excel and become the best she can be no matter what the concentration of her choice is."

Terry-Lynn McPherson - $1500 Scholarship Recipient

Terry-Lynn McPherson

Terry-Lynn is a student in the Natural Resources program at the Nova Scotia Community College, Strait Campus. Terry Lynn left school several years ago after completing grade nine.

Terry-Lynn became a single parent of two boys after her husband passed away suddenly. She didn't know how she was going to financially manage and to raise two boys on her own. Terry-Lynn said, "I had to think of a way to better our lives so I chose to attend the NSCC to fulfill a dream that was always in the back of my mind."

Terry-Lynn was faced with many personal obstacles and had thoughts of quitting school again but she persevered and graduated from the Adult Learning Program in June 2008.

Terry-Lynn wrote, "Life can sometimes deal you bad cards but the large part of my life has taught me so much and encouraged me to deal with any situation that I confronted. I am truly proud of my decision to return to school with the Adult Learning Program."

Daniel Rector - $500 Bursary Recipient

Daniel Rector

Daniel left the regular school system in grade 10. He was home-schooled by his mother and then entered the Colchester Adult Learning Association and is now in his second year of the Adult Learning Program at the Nova Scotia Community College, Truro Campus. After he graduates, Daniel wants to take Human Services and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Daniel is respected by his instructors and counsellors at the NSCC. One wrote, "Daniel works very hard to balance school, Student Association President and Resident Assistant Responsibilities, and his personal life while at the same time modeling great things for others. His confidence and belief in himself is strengthening as he proves to himself that he can be successful when he channels his attention and energy in the right direction.

Another instructor wrote, "He is a great example of an adult learner who returned to education and is now progressing through the program while facing many challenges and finding ways to overcome them. Daniel is a pleasure to have in our program and will be greatly missed when he graduates."

Nicole Webb - $500 Bursary Recipient

Nicole Webb

Elementary and junior high school years were difficult times for Nicole and she left the public school system after completing grade 9. She is now enrolled in classes at the Flexible Learning Education Centre in Dartmouth.

Despite health issues and financial difficulties she has maintained excellent marks in her courses. Nicole said, "I know all about short term pain, long term gain; however we all know life gets in the way."

Nicole's instructors see her as a hard worker and a cooperative student who cares for her fellow classmates and is an asset in the classroom. Her instructor wrote, "Nicole exhibited skills beyond academic excellence and leadership: organization, perseverance, and superior reading and writing skills. She is always willing to help out in any way to get a task completed.

Sheila Bernard - $500 Bursary Recipient

Sheila Bernard

Sheila had been out of school for about 30 years. Sheila is a student at Antigonish County Adult Learning Association. Her goal is to acquire the GED certificate and to pursue training as a Continuing Care Assistant.

Sheila faced many challenges such as the high cost of transportation to get to her classes. Her tutor wrote, "Sheila came to Antigonish after work twice a week for 90 minute sessions. She was diligent and hard working, and concentrated on her studies in spite of transportation issues, family concerns and health problems."

After her work situation changed this year, Sheila is attending classes at ACALA full time. Her instructors have noted her dedication and commitment to furthering her education. Some of their comments are, "She arrives on site early and ready for class; she completes all her assignments, asks questions, and participates in group discussions. She is always eager to learn and open to new opportunities."

Sheila wants to be a role model for her family. She wrote, "I would like to demonstrate to my children how important education is to have a better life."

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