Our 2007-08
Scholarship and Bursary Recipients

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Gwenn Dexter - $1500 Scholarship Recipient

photo of Gwenn Dexter

Gwenn is a student in the Business Administration program at the Nova Scotia Community College, Kingstec Campus. Gwenn left school before finishing grade 12 and worked at the same job for the past 16 years. She found this job to be satisfying for her soul, but more difficult and demanding on her body.

Gwenn graduated from the Adult Learning Program in January 2007. Gwenn writes: “To my surprise, I have discovered that I enjoy school, and am a much better student as an adult than I was as a teenager. I feel that I am able to focus, and not be restricted or distracted by details such as social life. I know what my goals are in life and I feel that I now have my life clearly lined up to achieve them.”

Gwenn's ALP counsellor wrote, “I am certain that Gwenn will be successful at whatever she chooses to do. Certainly, she is an asset here and her faculty have appreciated the opportunity to work with her. Because she takes her studies seriously and strives to achieve her goals, she is an excellent candidate for an award to assist her with her educational expenses.”

We wish you much success, Gwenn. Congratulations.

Andrew Jones - $1500 Scholarship Recipient

photo of Andrew Jones

Andrew is a student in the Heritage Carpentry program at the Nova Scotia Community Campus, Lunenburg Campus. Andrew left school in 1984 without a high school diploma and joined the workforce. He made the decision to return to school to fulfill his goal of becoming a carpenter but first he had to complete grade 12. He graduated from Lunenburg County Adult High School in June, 2007.

Andrew writes, “With the support of all my family, friends and co-workers, who were behind me all the way, my dream is finally falling into place. It has been a very stressful year at times. Attending classes full time and holding down a full-time job at the same time has meant very long hours. There were times when I wanted to throw in the towel because I was losing so much sleep, but I kept pushing myself and it has finally started to pay off.”

Andrew has the respect of his instructors. One wrote, “Andrew is a diligent and hard working student who displays a large portion of self-discipline. His determination is what motivates him, and is often the first person in class.” Another wrote, “He is an extremely dedicated student who maintains a high standard of academic excellence and often goes above and beyond ordinary course requirements to ensure that he has thoroughly completed tasks assigned.”

Congratulations, Andrew. We wish you all the best.

Amanda Smith - $500 Bursary Recipient

photo of Amanda Smith

Amanda returned to school to get her grade 12 so that she will be better suited to find a job. Amanda is a student at Queens Adult High School in Liverpool. Her goal is to graduate from Grade 12 and then attend the Continuing Care program at NSCC.

Amanda became a single parent when her spouse passed away earlier this year. Amanda wrote, “Without my full education I cannot find a good paying job that will support my daughter and me. I know that her father wanted a good life for her and so do I.”

Amanda's commitment and dedication to furthering her education and reaching her goals have been noted by her instructors. Some of their comments are, “Amanda's commitment to her education is evident every day and I am sure she will succeed in all areas of her life.” “Amanda is a dedicated student who tries her best and arrives on time for class. She is eager and often works beyond my expectations.”

We wish you much success, Amanda. Congratulations.

Tammy Whitehead - $500 Bursary Recipient

photo of Tammy Whitehead

Tammy left school several years ago without a grade 12. In 1993 she received the GED. Her goal is to graduate from the Hants Learning Network Adult Learning Program and continue her studies in a secretarial course.

Despite many health issues and financial difficulties, she has made a commitment to succeed. Tammy said, “I committed myself to go to school, so I am going to do it somehow.”

Tammy's friends and instructor see her as a positive and persistent person. Her instructor wrote, “She is a conscientious worker in class and is always ready to help a fellow student. I appreciate her quiet, kind manner with other students, which contributes to a positive class environment.”

Her friends are impressed with her persistence to overcome difficulties where others would have quit and firmly believe that she will finish what she starts.

Congratulations, Tammy! We wish you all the best.

Janice Borden - $500 Bursary Recipient

photo of Janice Borden

Janice is a student in the Adult Learning Program at the NSCC Akerley Campus and will be graduating in June 2008. She left the public school system many years ago but has set her goal to graduate with a grade 12 diploma and enrol in a career field, such as information technology, so that she can find viable employment.

Janice is motivated to finish her grade 12 to be a positive role model for her sons. Janice says, “They see by example that a higher education is vital in today's society.” Because of her encouragement and example they will return to school in the fall to complete their grade 12.

The ALP counsellor says that Janice is a remarkable woman and wrote: “Ms. Borden demonstrates a wonderful work ethic, strength of character and commitment as an adult learner.”

Congratulations Janice.  We wish you all the best.

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