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Blanche MacLeod ~ $1,500 Scholarship Recipient

photo of Blanche MacLeodBlanche dropped out of school several years ago and returned to school at the New Glasgow Adult High School from 2002-2004. Blanche says there were many reasons why she didn't return to school earlier, one reason was that she lacked self confidence. She felt that she would never be able to accomplish her goal. Blanche's initial goal was to complete a limited number of credits while working part time. Her goal was not to graduate but rather to upgrade her skills. As Blanche experienced success, she became determined to complete her high school diploma.

One of Blanche's instructors wrote, "At New Glasgow Adult High, she demonstrated her commitment to learning through her positive attitude and superb attendance. Blanche is a team player and was always an active participant in class. Her effort did not go unnoticed by her fellow classmates, and many of the students were inspired by her dedication. By graduation, she had developed as a leader in her class. It is not easy returning to high school, but Blanche persevered and our program was enhanced by her presence. "

Blanche's final year in adult high school was so enjoyable for her because the fear was gone. She enjoyed each new subject including Shakespeare and Global History. Things which at one time would have triggered an overwhelming sense of fear became a pleasure for her. She has acquired a thirst for more knowledge and is ready to face her future head-on with a strong sense of self confidence. Blanche received her grade 12 diploma in June 2004 and is now enrolled at the NSCC Pictou Campus, Cosmetology program.

Literacy Nova Scotia is pleased to select Blanche for one of the two $1500 scholarships for 2006. Congratulations to Blanche and good luck!

Melissa Thomas ~ $1,500 Scholarship Recipient

Melissa told us in her essay that she left school 8 years ago as a rebellious and problematic teenager. She made many attempts to complete high school since then, but had been unsuccessful until recently. Her last attempt at high school was made at Elmsdale Adult High but was forced to drop out due to her pregnancy. Her now 3-year old daughter is what drives Melissa to succeed today.

Since the birth of her daughter, Melissa decided to enroll in the NSCC Adult Learning Program, Truro Campus. Now she has a strong desire to better herself by achieving a high school diploma. In June 2006, Melissa graduated from the ALP program with honours and the highest aggregate in her class. Although she was told it was unlikely to happen, her goal from the start was to earn the eleven needed credits in just one year. She managed to completely amaze and impress everyone, including herself by doing so and with excellent marks.

Melissa is currently enrolled in the Human Services program, NSCC Truro Campus. Her primary incentive for enrolling in this program is to give back to the community by using her own experiences to help other troubled teens.

One of Melissa's instructors wrote, "Melissa has shown through the course of the year that she has strong skills in writing, critical thinking, organization, and in time management. Melissa is an intelligent, hard working young woman."

Melissa's motivation, persistence and focus enabled her to reach many of her goals. Her main focus in life is to pursue avenues which will enable her to give her daughter the wonderful life she deserves. She believes that receiving her Adult High School Diploma was the first step in doing this.

Literacy Nova Scotia is pleased to select her as one of the two $1500 scholarship recipients for 2006. Congratulations to Melissa and good luck!

Tracy Corbett ~ $500 Bursary Recipient

Tracy left school 19 years ago. For 13 years, she worked in a long-term care facility as a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA). At the time of she was hired, CCAs did not need to be certified and she was trained ‘on the job'. Tracy moved out of the province for one year and upon her return, she was informed that it was now mandatory that all CCAs in the province be certified. She was now unemployed because she did not have the proper credentials.

Tracy enrolled in the NSCC Adult Learning Program at the Kingstec Campus and is working toward completing the Practical Nursing course. Tracy 's goal is to further have a career as a practical nurse.

One of Tracy's instructors wrote, "Even though I have known Tracy for only a short time, she has already demonstrated that she is a serious and conscientious student. Her attendance is satisfactory, she comes to classes on time, and she is always prepared and ready to work. So far this semester, Tracy has completed five assignments and has an average of 95%.

Literacy Nova Scotia was pleased to select Tracey as one of the three $500 bursary recipients for 2006. Congratulations to Tracy and good luck!

Lee MacDonald ~ $500 Bursary Recipient

Lee dropped out of high school in 1988 and decided to return to learning in 2005. He sought steady employment for many years and was unable to find work. Lee wanted more for himself and wanted to be financially independent and have a secure future.

Lee decided to go back to school to further his education by first enrolling in the Adult Learning Association of Cape Breton County. He is now attending the NSCC Adult Learning Program. His goal is to finish his ALP upgrading and enter into the Licensed Practical Nursing Program of the NSCC in June 2007.

One of Lee's instructors wrote, "Lee is an excellent student in all subject areas. He takes his school work very seriously and worked very hard to make progress with his studies. As his instructor, I know that Lee has all the necessary skills and personal attributes to succeed with his goals."

Literacy Nova Scotia is pleased to select him as one of the three $500 bursary recipients for 2006. Congratulations to Lee and good luck!

Thelma Minard ~ $500 Bursary Recipient

photo of Thelma MinardThelma returned to school at the Queens Adult High School in 2005 after having left school over 25 years ago. She decided to go back to school to better herself. Thelma is a single mother of two with one child attending university. Thelma has had to struggle to attend school while at the same time assisting her daughter with her university expenses. But Thelma is committed to finishing her Grade 12 and to continuing with her studies at the NSCC in the Office Information Technology Program.

One instructor wrote, "Thelma is a very ambitious person who is motivated by the need to succeed. She always strives to do the absolute best that she can and serves as a great example to her classmates. Thelma has an evident thirst for learning that seems to grow greater every day. She attends every day and every day she exceeds my expectations."

Literacy Nova Scotia is pleased to select Thelma as one of the three $500 bursary recipients for 2006. Congratulations to Thelma and good luck!

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