Empowerment for Employment

Literacy Nova Scotia received a short term grant to continue our important work in the fisheries sector in Nova Scotia following the completion of the Atlantic project on October 31, 2020 and prior to additional project funding being secured.

The Empowerment for Employment Project is supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia. We are currently in the preliminary stages of conducting this Project on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore.

The primary purpose of this project is to provide an innovative literacy and essential skills training model in collaboration with the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Nova Scotia that will help barriered, unemployed individuals to improve their literacy and essential skills, so they can get and keep a job, meet the on-the-job demands of this industry, and adapt and succeed at work.

The training will use a blended learning approach incorporating classroom, online and on-site training to respond to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19. We will provide participants 6 weeks of customized and employer-responsive training. Up to 12 participants will be selected for the training based on need.

In addition, identified supervisors/managers will be trained as Workplace Essential Skills Mentors. This 30 hour training will incorporate a blended learning model as well. This will provide the employer with the ability to support employees to assist with retention.

Employers with vacancies for entry-level positions will be recruited to participate in workplace needs assessments, help develop/customize essential skills profiles for entry level positions and offer On-the-Job Training and 6-10 week paid work placement for trainees.

We are currently seeking referrals for the program as well as recruiting an Essential Skills Facilitator. If you would like to refer a client to this program, please contact Colin at colinbawn@gmail.com or (902) 690-5782.

Essential Skills for Atlantic Fisheries Project

Essential Skills for Atlantic Fisheries (ESAF) is a project to address the labour market and workforce challenges employers face in the fisheries sector in Atlantic Canada. In collaboration with sector employers and stakeholders, we will pilot an innovative literacy and essential skills training model that will support individuals who are unemployed to improve their workplace skills. Participants will be better equipped to find a job, keep it, and succeed at that job.

ESAF is lead by the Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick in partnership with the PEl Literacy Alliance, Literacy Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador Laubach Literacy Council.

ESAF: A Skilled
Workforce for
Sustainable Rural Communities

ESAF Participant Poster (pdf)

Cohort 1 a success in Barrington in spring 2019. Pictures from celebration

Research Report

Conference Presentation 2019

Research Poster

Project Synopsis

Essential Skills for Atlantic Fisheries (ESAF) Project participants and facilitators describe how the project gave them the opportunity to enhance their skills and increase their employment prospects.

This is the French version of the ESAF video (French subtitles).

Essential Skills for the Atlantic Fisheries (ESAF) Project received Honorable Mention for the 2020 Canada Life Literacy Innovation Award. Lynda Homer, Executive Director of LCNB talks about the partnerships in this project at 51:00 and Dianne Leger, Coordinator LCNB talks about the affects of the pandemic at 1:02:15.