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News From Literacy Nova Scotia
A Message from Jayne Hunter, Executive Director
November is a very busy time for Literacy Nova Scotia.

We are celebrating Literacy Action Week (LAW) which is held annually during the first week of November. We encourage people to raise awareness of the importance of literacy. There are many levels of involvement from taking a picture and posting on social media to meeting with politicians. The work is hard but we continue to be inspired by learners who are putting in effort to achieve their learning goals and those we’ve been able to support through scholarships and bursaries.

The provincial PD Conference registration is full. We have a total of 89 registered to attend, and are able to fully subsidize spots for 65 CLO practitioners. Our board meeting will be held in the evening of November 16th and the NSPGI 2018 Learner Celebration will be held on November 19th in Wolfville. This event is funded in part by the 100 Men Who Give a Damn (Valley region). As part of the Learner Celebration event, two workshops each for practitioners and learners will be offered during the day. In the evening, 30 learners will be honored for their achievements. We’ll hear from 10 speakers who will showcase the many perspectives on the importance of literacy in our communities. Special monetary learner awards will be presented such as the Nova Learning Inc. Nova Scotia Learner Achievement Award, awards for First Nation and Indigenous learners, and others sponsored by LED Roadways, Maritime AutoParts, and Michelin.

I attended a PGI Forum in Toronto last weekend with colleagues from across Canada discussing the PGIs. There are still a few who offer golf tournaments but there were a variety of other events as well, including lob ball, curling, dinners and wine tasting. These events are important fundraisers and funds are used to support learners. We know that adult literacy learners often have multiple barriers and challenges that need to be overcome to be successful. It’s important to have support from multiple levels. A highlight of the PGI Forum was a presentation by Brigid Hayes on the federal and P/T government activities. It was especially interesting to hear what’s happening on the International stage. Canada has signed on to 3 international agreements (UNESCO Year of Indigenous Languages, Sustainable Development Goals 4, and UNESCO Education For All) but little is happening at home. This continues to be a concern for Literacy Nova Scotia, as we continue to support the literacy field on a local, provincial and national level. If you are also concerned, you can add your voice by participating in Literacy Action Week (LAW).
What's New
Literacy Action Week is November 5 - 9, 2018: Join the #LAW2018 Social Media Campaign!

During the week of November 5 - 9, 2018, we encourage you to post photos of adult learners, literacy practitioners, community members and literacy supporters. Everyone can participate; there are no age restrictions. If you feel passionate about literacy and learning in Nova Scotia, we urge you to get involved. It is easy. All you have to do is:

1. Print off one or all of the LAW 2018 posters in color or black and white. 2. Think about the question on the poster and fill in the blank.

3. Get a friend to take a picture of you holding the poster, or take a selfie!

After you have taken your picture, you can post your picture on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email the photo to us. Write a caption including what you wrote on your poster. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #LiteracyMatters or #LAW2018, and tweet to @literacyns1. All pictures collected for LAW awareness will be posted on our social media, and they will be available on our website. Read more about LAW

Run, Jog, Walk or Stroll at the 2019 Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon with LNS
Join Literacy Nova Scotia's team for the 2019 Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon being held from June 6-9, 2019 in Halifax NS. Run, jog, walk or stroll. With so many runs to choose from there's something for everyone including a 2km youth run and a virtual run so you can participate wherever you are! Discounted registration fees for a limited time, so join our team at LNS and register now!! Help us to continue our efforts to support literacy programs in your community. For more information email Gina MacCallum or call 902-897-2444.

Opportunities for Learners
Congratulations to our 2018-19 Scholarship and Bursary Recipients:
Michael Clyke – $1500 Scholarship Recipient, NSCC Truro
Marcel Southern — $1500 Scholarship Recipient, NSCC Shelburne
Ashley Coggins-Comeau — $500 Bursary Recipient, Yarmouth Community Learning Network
Todd Colbourne — $500 Bursary Recipient, Pictou County Continuous Learning Association
Cathy Spike — $500 Bursary Recipient, Dartmouth Learning Network
Read more

Opportunities for Practitioners
Register now for Practitioner Training (PT) Modules offered in January 2019:
• Learning Challenges: Jan 7 to Feb 1
• Supporting English as an Additional Language Adult Literacy Learners: Jan 7 to Feb 1
Check out the Practitioner Training webpage for details on the program, modules, and tuition schedule. Email Marie David or call 1-800-255-5203.

LNS Resource Hub is the place for literacy practitioners who teach, tutor or mentor adult learners in Nova Scotia to share and co-develop teaching resources and discuss best practices. Email Elaine Frampton to request an account registration code.

Opportunities for Organizations
IT Fund: Community based learning organizations can apply for up to $1,000 per year. Funds are to be used for equipment and resources necessary for the delivery of NSSAL’s Adult Learning Program. This can include computers, printers, software, laptops, ipad minis, and assistive technology software. Technical support will be considered and cell phone expenses may be considered. Read more information on criteria and application process. Funds provided by LAE.

Is there a PD opportunity that would benefit your learning organization?
Apply to the PD Fund. New PD Fund online application forms are now available. There are separate forms for individuals (maximum $1000/year) and groups (maximum $4000/year).

Computers for Schools: Does your learning organization need refurbished computers? We offer our LNS members laptops, computers, printers, monitors, keyboards, cables, etc. Place your orders today.

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NSPGI 2018 Learner Celebration

NSPGI 2018 Learner Celebration will be on November 19th, from 5:30pm to 9:00pm at the Old Orchard Inn in Wolfville. Join us for a fabulous evening of entertainment and food, and hear the inspiring stories of adults who changed their lives by returning to learning!
5:30 pm: Reception
6:00 pm: Dinner
7:00 pm: Guest Speakers and Award Presentations
Tickets $50.   Order tickets online.   Sponsorship Opportunities Available!
For more information, email Marie David or call 902-897-2444.

Halifax Job Fair
November 8, 2018 from 1:00 - 3:00pm at 1990 Barrington St, Halifax NS
Meet face-to-face with recruiters, HR managers and hiring companies from Halifax and across Nova Scotia. Register today to attend and submit your resume so employers can contact you before the job fair. Read more

Military Pre CAPLA Conference Event
November 21, 2018, 9:00am – 5:15pm at The Grand Hotel & Suites, Toronto ON
This is an opportunity to find out about new and innovative programs in the field of PLAR/RPL, so those leaving the military and those enlisting in it can realize their personal and professional goals. Register

Caring for Adults Using Tools, Systems and Policies to Make it Happen: CAPLA Recognizing Learning 2018 Conference
November 22 - 23, 2018 at The Grand Hotel & Suites, Toronto ON
This year's CALA conference offers sessions designed to improve your RPL practice in the five key areas: tools, assessment, systems, advising/career counselling and public policy. Register

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In The News
Essential Skills Learning Week Bill Introduced in Senate
Last week, Senator Diane Bellemare introduced a bill entitled “An Act to establish Promotion of Essential Skills Learning Week” (Bill S254) in the Senate where it received 2nd reading. The bill will now go to committee for discussion. Senator Bellemare's speech Read more

Invest in Your Financial Well-Being With Money Matters
November is Financial Literacy Month and this year's theme is "Invest in your financial well-being". The goal of Financial Literacy Month is to encourage Canadians to take control of their finances and reduce financial stress. Read more

LAW 2018 Toolkit
Visit Literacy Action Week 2018 on the LNS website and check out the LAW Toolkit for adult learner stories, articles, posters and learning materials.

November is Financial Literacy Month
November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada. There are articles, resources and learning materials on investing in financial well-being, making budgets, savings and debt reduction plans and more on their Government of Canada website.

Money Matters Resources for Practitioners
Money Matters helps increase learners’ confidence in managing their money. The program was designed by literacy practitioners as a series of informal financial literacy workshops. Browse their workshops and resources on their website.

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