November 2016   |   Volume 14   |   Issue 3
News From Literacy Nova Scotia
Executive Director's Message
November is an awesome month with many great things happening!

Thanks to the NSPGI sponsors who make these scholarship and bursaries possible, five adult learners will receive financial supports which helps to reduce the financial stress of returning to school. For some, it gives them the extra needed to pay bills, take care of their families, and to grab breakfast and lunch during their school day - all of which are important contributors to their learning success. Even still, we were only able to support a quarter of the eligible applications, which mean others will continue to struggle as they work hard to achieve their goals. Contact us if you want to support a learner.

Next week is Literacy Action Week (LAW) in Nova Scotia! This is an initiative started by Literacy Nova Scotia in the 90's and continues to be a time when individuals and organizations focus on spreading the word about the importance of literacy. Many learning organizations hold open houses during this week. We encourage everyone to jump on board our social media campaign as well. Tell us what you will be doing. We may be able to support your activity. LAW 2016 was a huge success last year with many sharing pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Here’s some of the pics.

Hearing firsthand from adult learners is very inspiring and motivating for others who could benefit from improving their skills. Literacy Nova Scotia promotes these stories through the Learning Beacon. We will be launching our next edition next week which features videos and written stories by learner spokespersons. We also publish online ebooklets which include submissions to our Adult Learners' Week contest. To assist learners in writing their stories, we offer 6 writing workshops around the province with Jenni Blackmore. We’ve already held one and are on the road during November.

We are pleased to announce that Department of Labour and Advanced Education have provided funding to develop an Instructor Website. We have contracted with a web developer who will be outlining available features for such a website/database and gathering input from practitioners during the PD Conference on November 17 - 18. We’ve provided many networking opportunities for practitioners during the conference. Come prepared to share your best practices with your colleagues.

Please note: Bring your registration confirmation when you register at the conference on November 17th as it will indicate which days and meals you have registered for. If you do not have it, you are not registered! Ensure your name is on the registration list, which will be on our website soon. We’ve heard from a couple of people who thought they registered but they have not. Avoid disappointment and check the list! Deadline for registration is November 8th.

We held the 2nd Fashion Show for Literacy at Holiday Inn Truro on October 30th. Local businesses supported through the donation of prizes, individuals volunteered their time as models, Irene Gunn and Leah Palmer provided make-up, and Marj Hatherly dressed the models in consignment fashions.

My colleague, Amanda Beazley, Executive Director of PEI Literacy Alliance and I presented to the FINA, Standing Committee on Finance on October 17th in Charlottetown. This was a follow-up to a written submission the Atlantic Partnership for Literacy and Essential Skills had made in August. The partnership includes the Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick with an open position for a representative from Newfoundland and Labrador.
Read our five key messages.

I want to remind you of the opportunity to use the wide distribution of our eNews – LNS members can send in information about their programs, best practices, job postings, events, etc. The deadline to receive information is the last Friday of the month. LNS eNews comes out the first Wednesday of every month. If you aren’t currently an LNS member, it’s easy to join!
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What's New
New Instructor Website and Resource Database
In the past, LAE hosted a website for the NSSAL Instructors to post, share and discuss resources. This website is no longer available on the department site and has been sorely missed by instructors. LNS will work with the department and a key group of instructors to redesign a website that works well for these purposes. Some of the core features of the site would be:
  • Privacy- users sign in with passwords
  • Users can blog on the site
  • Users can upload their own resources instead of having a webmaster do it
  • Users can easily search for resources by topic or by author/creator
We are looking for an Advisory Group of instructors who will give input to the design and features needed and serve as the initial posters to the site. If you are interested, contact Elaine Frampton. You’ll be hearing more about the features and have an opportunity to give input on what will work best for your purposes during the PD Conference on November 17th.

Literacy Action Week is November 6 - 12, 2016

Last year Literacy Action Week was a huge success with lots of activity on social media! Literacy Nova Scotia was able to raise awareness about the importance of literacy through the help of many supporters. The LIFE Leadership network, the Adult Learning Association of Cape Breton County, Guysborough County Adult Learning Association, Dartmouth Learning Network, Shelburne County Learning Network and many other organizations along with public dignitaries took part. We encourage you to do the same this year.

During the week of November 6 – 12, 2016, we will be posting photos of adult learners, literacy practitioners, LNS members, community members and literacy supporters. Everyone can participate; there are no age restrictions. If you feel passionate about literacy in Nova Scotia, we urge you to get involved. It is easy. All you have to do is:

1. Print off the LAW Poster in color or black and white.
2. Fill in the blank. Think about the question: "Why is supporting literacy important?"
3. Get a friend to take a picture of you holding your paper, or take a selfie!

After you have taken your picture, you can either email the photo to us or post your picture on Facebook and write a caption including what you wrote on your paper. Don’t forget to tag #LiteracyNovaScotia. All pictures collected for LAW awareness will be posted on our social media, and they will be made available on our website.
#LiteracyChangesLives #LAW2016

Opportunities for Learners
Congratulations to LNS 2016-17 Scholarship and Bursary Winners:
Laken Betts – $1500 Scholarship Winner, NSCC Truro Campus
Michael Lake – $1500 Scholarship Winner, NSCC Burridge Campus
Danielle DeCoff - $500 Bursary Winner, Port Hawkesbury Literacy Council
Cameron Milner – $500 Bursary Winner, ALP, NSCC Truro Campus
Kylie Powder - $500 Bursary Winner, ALP, NSCC Burridge Campus
Read more

Opportunities for Practitioners
Register Now for the Practitioner Training (PT) Module:
What’s Your Message? Relating to the Adult Learner: November 17, from 11:30am – 4:45pm
at the Holiday Inn Truro, Spruce Room

Register for Practitioner Training (PT) Modules starting January 8th, 2017:
Literacy, Adult Learners and YOU!: Jan 8 – Feb 3
The Beginning Reader - Basics: Jan 8 – Feb 3
Teaching Math - Basic Principles: Jan 8 – Feb 3
Check out the Practitioner Training webpage for more details on the program, modules, and tuition schedule. The program is tuition free for members of Literacy Nova Scotia who are with a NSSAL funded program. Anyone can take the training.
Registration Form for NSSAL Participants
Registration Form for Non-NSSAL Participants (Tuition Payers)

Professional Development Conference for Practitioners:
Supporting Learning Needs of Adults
November 17 - 18, 2016 at Holiday Inn, Prince Street, Truro

The Professional Development Conference for Practitioners is open to all practitioners and coordinators who are looking for professional development to help them better support under-skilled and under-employed Nova Scotians. In particular, we invite practitioners and coordinators from the Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning (community-based, adult high school, NSCC), work activity programs, career resource centers, workforce development programs and others. Online Registration Form
Deadline for registration: November 8th.

Is there a PD opportunity that would benefit your learning organization?
Apply to the PD Fund. You can read about what others have learned through training funded by the PD Fund. All practitioners (tutors, instructors), coordinators, and board members are eligible for funding up to $1000 per year for professional development relevant to their role at their community-based learning network. To date, there is approximately $3000 remaining in this fund.

Opportunities for Organizations
Community-based learning organizations can apply every year for free computer systems and laptops. All licences have been allocated for 2016-17.

Community-based learning organizations funded under NSSAL can apply for ipad minis and other assistive technology. To date, there is approximately $2000 remaining in this fund.

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In The News
November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada (FLM)
This year’s FLM aims to rally organizations and individuals across Canada to strengthen the financial literacy of Canadians and empower them to manage debt wisely, save for the future, and understand their rights and responsibilities.​ Read more

Good News: Counting on Your Fingers Helps
A new study shows the same part of the brain that detects pressure or heat also plays a role in solving math problems. It comes into play when you use your fingers for counting. Scientists call it finger perception. If you use finger perception and finger counting, the numbers will have a “normal representation in the brain.” Read more

Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (CASAE) Invites New Members for 2016 - 17
CASAE is a national volunteer and member-driven organization devoted to the study of adult education in Canada. Membership in CASAE has many benefits, including an opportunity to attend and to present your research at their annual national conference, which attracts presenters from across Canada and around the world. Read more

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Free GED Prep, Upgrading and Basic Computer Classes
Starting November 8th at Shelburne County Learning Network, Barrington Passage
Learn basic computer, email, Internet, file management, how to get pictures on and off your computer, and more. MUST be 19 years of age or older! Call 902-637-4333 or email

Volunteer Conference 2016
November 25 - 26, 2016 at Ramada Plaza Park Place, Dartmouth
The volunteer conference is a celebration of the tremendous contributions of volunteers in our region, and gives participants an opportunity to access training, networking and learning that help them become more effective in their work. Read more   Register

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The Distance Learner Plain Language Worksheets
National Adult Literacy Agency of Ireland (NALA) produces plain language worksheets each month that contain news, stories about current events, word puzzles and math quizzes. Resource

Celebrate Holiday Cheer and Financial Literacy with Your Family - Tipsheet
Here are some tips and activity ideas from Money Matters for Adult Learners, ABC Life Literacy Canada's financial literacy program. Resource

Dad's Worksheets
This website offers free math worksheets which you can save to your Pinterest board and then download. Resource