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News From Literacy Nova Scotia
A Message from Jayne Hunter, Executive Director
Literacy Nova Scotia held its Annual General Meeting on June 12th via zoom. The annual report highlights our work over the last year. We welcome a new member representing Labour, Tami Cox Jardine.

The Department of Labour and Advanced Education have funded our main activities in support of the NSSAL funded Community Learning Organizations. Over the next two years LNS is able to offer a PD Fund, IT Fund, NSSAL Community Grants, Practitioner Training Program, LNS Resource Hub, PD Conferences (this year’s will be virtual) and Adult Learners’ Week.

The NSSAL Community Grants deadline for 2020 is July 17, 2020 by 4:30pm. They will be reviewed in September and include a new category for Covid related expenses.

Our office at the NSCC Truro Campus will remain closed over the summer while construction is completed. Staff continue to work remotely and over the summer months, our availability will be dependent on work obligations and vacation schedules. We can be reached via email at:
info@literacyns.ca Jayne.Hunter@literacyns.ca
Marie.David@literacyns.ca Heather.Lauther@literacyns.ca
Colinbawn@gmail.com frampton.elaine@gmail.com

What's New
PD Conference for Practitioners: Strengthening Communities Together
Wednesdays, from October 21 to December 9, 2020
The PD Conference Planning committee has been actively monitoring developments on COVID-19 and made the decision to offer this year’s conference in a virtual format. LNS will offer Strengthening Community Together, a series of 90-minute webinars allowing for presentation, interactive activities and discussion. The webinar schedule is available. Questions? Contact Marie David  

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TD Summer Reading Club
July and August 2020
The TD Summer Reading Club is happening at public libraries across Nova Scotia. While most public libraries remain closed due to COVID-19, there are on-line activities and books for children and families, all summer long. Contact your local public library to learn more. Read more

Webinar: Circle - A Container to Host Conversations that Matter
Thursday, July 16 at 2:00pm AT
Circle is an engagement tool that creates a powerful container for people to share their stories and experiences, uncover their interconnectedness and together, distill collective wisdom. Register

Webinar: The Changing Face of Canadian Donors
Thursday, July 23 at 2:00pm AT
Is your organization's fundraising strategy keeping up with societal changes from COVID19? Learn about a new study that examines the giving habits and attitudes of Canada’s growing new Canadian and immigrant populations. Register

Webinar: Navigating Change - Three Tools for Moving from Response to Resilience
Wednesday, July 29 at 2:00pm AT
Navigating disruption and change is challenging. In this webinar, participants will learn about three approaches and tools to help communities and changemakers navigate change. Register

Register Now for the ALP Program at NSCC
September 2020
Applications are being accepted for the Adult Learning Program (ALP) at NSCC. People who are interested can apply online at no cost. All ALP classes will be offered through scheduled online delivery for the entire school year (September 2020 - May 2021). Register

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In The News
How To Keep Adult Literacy Learners Engaged and Motivated
While learning can be a challenge at any age, it can be even more difficult as an adult. Here are tips on how to keep adult literacy learners engaged and motivated so that they can successfully complete their literacy programs. Read more

Funding Opportunity: Canada Student Service Grant
The Canada Student Service Grant is a program that will pay students for volunteering. If you’re looking for student volunteers, this could be a useful tool for your charity or not-for-profit. Read more

Nonprofits Find Opportunities Amidst Global Pandemic
A notion has always floated around that nonprofits are the heart of the Nova Scotia economy. Their economic contribution is rivaled only by their ability to bridge the gap in societal needs, which are otherwise unmet. Read more

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LNS Resource Hub
LNS Resource Hub is the place for literacy practitioners who teach, tutor or mentor adult learners in Nova Scotia to share and co-develop teaching resources and discuss best practices. Recently uploaded resources:
  • Black Lives Matter Educational Documents
  • The Traumatic Impact of Racism and Discrimination on Young People and How to Talk About It
If you don't already have an account on the LNS Resource Hub, email Elaine Frampton to request an account registration code.

New Activate Learning Resources
ABC Life Literacy Canada has released the first two workbooks from its new Activate Learning program: Reading and Writing. The workbooks are written at a grade four to six reading level, and include a self-assessment and helpful strategies and activities.   Reading   Writing

Volunteering in Canada: Challenges and Opportunities During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Many Canadians are doing volunteer work during the COVID-19 crisis. This resource provides insight into challenges and opportunities facing volunteerism in the current situation. English version   French version

Information and Resources to Combat Anti-Black Racism in Nova Scotia
Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia provides a list of resources and information on Anti-Black Racism - historical and present-day, organizations and programs that are doing anti-racist work, and training, education, and recommended actions for organizations to take to make their workplaces anti-racist. Resources

Decolonization Learning Journey Resources
Here are resources on Indigenous History from the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia's Decolonization Learning Journey Online Learning Series. Resources

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