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News From Literacy Nova Scotia
A Message from Jayne Hunter, Executive Director
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February is African Heritage Month. The theme is Through Our Eyes: The Voices of African Nova Scotians.

I highly recommend you add two videos to your watch list. The first is a documentary on Netflix, Something in our Water, which shows examples of environmental racism in Nova Scotia. The second is a TedTalk by a Nigerian author on the danger of hearing a single story.

There are resources on the African Nova Scotia website.

This seems to be the month of surveys. We have a very quick survey to gather feedback on the LNS Resource Hub, whether or not you are using the Hub and what your experience has been. The Community Sector Council is also conducting a survey on workforce needs of the nonprofits in NS. A research student has asked that we share an opportunity to give input on working remotely (from home) in rural NS.

We’re looking forward to receiving the learner stories for the Adult Learners’ Week book.

The NSSAL Community Grant recipients list has been added to the website.

I was excited to see the announcement by the Office of Skills for Success of a call for proposals for the new Skills for Success Program. We are interested in potential partnership opportunities. The deadline for applications is March 9, 2022.


What's New
2-Minute Survey: LNS Resource Hub
LNS Resource Hub was designed to allow literacy practitioners and adult learning educators in Nova Scotia to share and co-develop teaching resources, and discuss resources and best practices. LNS invites you to take this survey and give us your feedback on what would make using the LNS Resource Hub better for you.

Empowerment for Employment LTCA Program Hires New Facilitators
Empowerment for Employment--Long-Term Care Assistant Program is pleased to welcome two new facilitators Nithya Mahesh who will teach our Dartmouth cohort and Elliot Mason who will teach the South Shore cohort. Both bring a wealth of experience to the role and are a welcome addition to the program. The LTCA program is actively seeking participants for the program in the Dartmouth, South Shore (Bridgewater, Shelburne, Lunenburg area) and Annapolis Valley (Berwick, Bridgetown, Annapolis Royal area) regions. If you are a compassionate individual looking for an opportunity to become a crucial member of a health care team, join us for a free 8-week training program with a 4-week paid job placement that will prepare you for a career in one of Nova Scotia's Long-Term Care or Residential Care facilities. Please email Project Coordinator Kate Cober or call 506-227-8590 for more information.

Opportunities for Learners
Adult Learners' Week 2022 will be held in Nova Scotia from April 3 - 8. Enter your story about how improving your literacy skills has made a difference in your life. Your stories inspire others to continue learning. All eligible submissions will be entered in a draw for a chance to win an iPad Mini and will be published in the Adult Learners' Week 2022 ebooklet. View the ALW2021 ebooklet. All ALW activities are funded by Labour, Skills, and Immigration to support NSSAL learners.

The Learning Beacon is Literacy Nova Scotia's online ezine for adult learners. We would like to receive stories for the Community Map feature in the 2022 issue. Please encourage your learners to write stories about their hometowns and email them to Marie David by Friday, May 6, 2022.

Opportunities for Practitioners

Register now for Practitioner Training modules scheduled for March 2022:
February 28 - March 25, 2022 (Assignment due March 16)
• Teaching Math: Basic Principles
• Supporting English as an Additional Language Adult Literacy Learners (EAL ALLs)
Check out the Practitioner Training webpage for details on the program, modules, tuition schedule, and how to register for modules. Questions? Contact Marie David or call 1-800-255-5203. These modules are funded by the Department of Labour, Skills, and Immigration to support the NSSAL system.
Registration Form for NSSAL Participants
Registration Form for Non-NSSAL Participants (Tuition Payers) 

D2L Brightspace Learning Management System Courses
In Fall 2021, AED launched two PD opportunities for NSSAL practitioners, including tutors, using the D2L Brightspace Learning Management System. Two courses are still available: Teaching and Learning Online 101 and Instructional Design Strategies 101. These are online-only, asynchronous, module-based courses where practitioners work at their own pace. Those interested can begin their course work anytime during the during the academic year. Courses close July 12, 2022. Both courses are of particular use for new instructors, those who want to enhance their design, development, and delivery skills to ensure learning is accessible and engaging to all learners, those looking to adapt their teaching strategies to meet the demands of teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic, and those wishing to participate in NSSAL’s next round of funding to support the scale up of E3 (EOIs). About the courses:

Teaching & Learning Online 101 (TLO 101) - Course objectives/Learning outcomes:
• Discover techniques that promote a robust community of online learners
• Develop strategies for online teaching and learning, including course planning, development, implementation, and both digital resource creation/curation
• Explore tools, resources, and best practices for engaging learners in the digital landscape

Instructional Design Strategies 101 (ID 101) - Course objectives/Learning outcomes:
• Discover a set of systems for planning and personalizing Adult Learning instruction
• Explore assessment strategies for both learners and for professional development
• Implement scaffolded learning with measurable learning objectives using Bloom’s taxonomy
• Examine and apply principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to design learner-centred activities that target strengths and address barriers

If you were with your organization when the courses launched in October 2021, you are already registered. If you forget your login information or were hired after the launch, please email NSSAL@novascotia.ca with the subject line Brightspace Registration. If you need more information, contact your Executive Director.

Opportunities for Organizations
NSSAL IT Fund: There are funds available for community-based learning organizations to purchase equipment and resources necessary for the delivery of NSSAL’s Adult Learning Program. Read more information on criteria and application process. The NSSAL IT Fund is funded by Labour, Skills, and Immigration to support the NSSAL system.

Is there a PD opportunity that would benefit your learning organization?
Apply to the NSSAL PD Fund. Online learning opportunities are eligible. The NSSAL PD Fund is funded by Labour, Skills, and Immigration to support the NSSAL system.
Individual applications are no longer accepted. NSSAL now provides funding directly to the CLOs for individual PD. Exceptions will be made to allow for individual expenses to be covered through the PD Fund to ensure equity for travel. We are able to offer travel support to individuals who need to travel over 300 kms round trip and/or stay in a hotel more than 1 night within the province for Professional Development purposes. The support will be for kms and hotel stays only. Further information on applying

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LNS Resource Hub
LNS Resource Hub was designed for literacy practitioners and adult learning educators who teach, tutor or mentor adult learners in Nova Scotia. It provides a place for sharing and co-developing resources online, and provides forums for discussing best practices in teaching. Since 2017, almost 300 resources have been posted and shared on the LNS Resource Hub. This resource is fully funded by Labour, Skills, and Immigration to support the NSSAL system. Recently uploaded resources:
  • NSSAL Math Placement Toolkit
  • Northstar Digital Literacy Training - Fall 2021
  • Webinar: Helping the Helpers: Recognizing Loss and Restoring Laughter
  • E3 Programming Companion
  • Webinar: Decolonizing Education Through Indigenous Traditional Knowledge (DETITK)
If you don't already have an account on the LNS Resource Hub, email Elaine Frampton to request an account registration code.

African Heritage Month Resources
February is African Heritage Month, a time to celebrate and promote the culture, legacy, achievements, and contributions of people of African descent in Nova Scotia, past and present. Website

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Partner News, Webinars, Resources and Newsletters
Computer Skills From A to Zoom: Free computer program for adults
Wednesdays and Fridays in February 2022 at Hants Learning (HLNA), 90 Sanford Drive, Windsor NS
Participants will improve their computer skills, including using tablets, Microsoft office, Google docs, social media and Zoom. Register  

Essential Workplace Digital Skills Workshops
Four free workshops on using basic digital tools and networks were developed by the Restigouche CBDC, and are available in both official languages. They will be offered to the next +/- 125 participants (first come, first served) who can complete them by March 31, 2022. To register, email Karenne Levesque Savoie   Website   More info

Webinar: Fundraising Collaboration
Wednesday, February 23, 2022 at 10:00 - 11:00am
This is for registered charities and NPOs interested in partnering with other groups on a fundraising initiative (e.g. special event, campaign, or grant opportunity). Topics covered: logistics, sponsor solicitation, marketing and communication strategies and administrative considerations. To register, email david@oylerconsulting.ca

Webinar: Understanding Social and Emotional Skills in Life, Learning and Work
Wednesday, February 23, 2022 at 12:00 - 1:00pm AT
Participants will see how 'Skills for Success' outcomes are integrated into programming along with technical and literacy outcomes, and how program learners explore and practice new behavioral strategies to overcome barriers to both employment and successful engagement in their communities. To register, email Berniece Gowan.

Call for Proposals: The 2022 Audrey Wearn Youth Language Prize
The Audrey Wearn Language Prize was created to encourage youth aged 16+ to solve a language-based problem in their community, devising a solution that is measurable, transferable and scalable. The winner receives $10,000 to further develop their solution. Call for Proposals   Submission deadline: March 13, 2022

Call for Nominations: Canada’s Volunteer Awards
Canada’s Volunteer Awards (CVA) recognizes the significant contributions of individual volunteers, non-profit organizations and businesses across the country in helping communities. Nominees can be individuals, groups, businesses, social enterprises or non-profit organizations. Closes March 4, 2022. Read more
CVA is recruiting Regional Reviewers to assess nominations. To learn more about the process or to sign up, send them an email.

18th Annual Scrabble for Literacy in Support of Frontier College
Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 8:00pm AT
For this fundraiser, participants will enter a round-robin Scrabble tournament. The high scorers can team up with celebrity players during the live event. Guests can play trivia, watch entertainment and win prizes. Register by March 1, 2022. For more information, email Jennifer Chow. Read more

Education Opportunities at Shelburne County Learning Network
  • Intro to Online Computer Course: Begins after March Break with sessions in Barrington and Shelburne. Evening sessions are 120 minutes each, once a week for 10 weeks, including virtual support during selected days for advanced practice on program topics. More information

  • Northstar Digital Literacy platform: Learners looking to manage a continuing education plan to improve employability/online skills can explore the Northstar website before registering with us to ensure access to all it has to offer.
    More information
Charity Village Webinars
  • Cybersecurity Awareness for Canadian Nonprofits and Charities: Feb 17, 2022 at 2:00 - 3:00pm AT
    Learn about different types of cybersecurity threats, how to identify them, and how to protect your organization’s data from cyberattacks. Register

  • Creating a Digital Marketing Funnel in 2022: Google Ad Grants and Beyond: Mar 10, 2022 at 2:00 - 3:00pm AT
    Learn about the best tools to use to move your nonprofit users through your digital marketing funnel, from awareness, to engagement, to action. Register

Tamarack Community Webinars
  • Turf, Trust and Virtual Collaboration: February 22, 2022,
    from 2:00 - 5:30pm AT, with group coaching in March

    Participants will walk away with ideas, tools and approaches to effectively engage diverse community partners and intentionally build trusting relationships and collaborative impact. Register

  • The Essential Mindset and Skillsets of Backbone Leaders:
    February 23, 2022, from 2:00 - 3:00pm AT

    One of the core conditions of collective impact is the investment in backbone infrastructure to help support the collective effort to move forward. Learn how backbone leaders play unique roles in community change efforts. Register

  • Building a Community-Based COVID Renewal Plan: March 8 and 9, 2022
    Learn 10 really good ideas that will support your community as you build a community-based COVID renewal plan that will reignite people and engage them to work together. Register

  • Participatory Evaluation - Community-Based Assessment and Strategic Learning Practices: March 24, 2022
    This webinar will provide the knowledge and tools needed to support decision-making processes and evaluation practices in community change work. Register

  • Collective Impact 3.0 - Designing a Movement for Change: April 6, 2022
    Participants will learn about the key elements that enable the Collective Impact Framework to fulfill its potential as a catalyst for large-scale change. Register

  • Introduction to Using Theatre for Social Change : April 13, 2022
    Learn why theatre is the perfect vehicle for bringing a diverse group of stakeholders together to determine where you should be focussing your time, energy and resources. Register

  • Community Engagement 2022 - Engaging Well in a Hybrid World: April 21 and May 17, 2022
    Participants will explore the role of creativity, how to support community-led approaches, challenge mindsets and adapt their strategies to a hybrid world. Register

  • Community Change Festival - Transforming Communities for What's Next: May 5, May 12 and May 19, 2022
    Learn about what is currently influencing community work and transforming systems and collaborations, and walk away with concrete tools and examples for scaling our Collective Impact. Register

  • Collaborative Governance and Leadership Workshop: June 14 and July 19, 2022
    This workshop will dive into both the governance and collaborative leadership components required to support the collaborative process. Register

Volunteers Needed for Study on Remote and Digital Work in Rural Atlantic Canada
Research is being done on remote (telework) and digital work (generating work using the Internet, websites, social media, etc.) in rural and resource communities in Atlantic Canada to understand how people in those regions navigate these forms of work. To be eligible to participate in the study, you must be 18 years and older, live in a rural or resource community in Atlantic Canada, and use computers, emails, digital platforms, websites, social media, etc. for working at home or remotely. Participants will receive a $20 Tim Horton’s gift card. If you are interested, contact Rhea Bowen, MA Student, Institute of Political Economy, Carleton University at rheabowen@cmail.carleton.ca

Survey: 2022 Nova Scotia Workforce Insights
This survey from the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia (CSCNS) helps them provide the best services to meet the community impact or non-profit sector’s needs and to better advocate for funding and support from the government. It takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Survey: Understanding Mental Health and Addictions in Adult Nova Scotians
The Department of Health and Wellness is creating social marketing campaign to address barriers that Nova Scotians – in particular men – have to seeking help for mental health and addictions. Please complete the survey by February 15, 2022. The data collected will be used to develop a marketing campaign.

Recording: Skills for Success Presentations
Calgary Learns hosted a two-hour session on Skills for Success, the federal government’s new skills framework, shared by Brigid Hayes.
Zoom recording   Slide decks   Chatbox notes