The NSSAL PD Fund is funded by the Adult Education Division of the Department of Labour, Skills, and Immigration. This fund is managed by the Professional Development Committee which is co-chaired by Literacy Nova Scotia and the Adult Education Division.

The Adult Education Division has responsibility for the Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning (NSSAL). The NSSAL PD Fund is intended to support applications that strengthen and benefit the NSSAL service delivery system. NSSAL operates under the following mandate:

The Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning (NSSAL) administers, coordinates, and supports the development and delivery of adult education through learning partners in Nova Scotia. NSSAL offers clear, accessible pathways from adult basic education to a high school credential, empowering Nova Scotians to achieve their learning and employment goals.

Who is eligible to apply to the NSSAL PD Fund:

Community Learning Organizations (CLOs)* funded under NSSAL can apply for funding for their paid staff and volunteer tutors. The NSSAL PD Fund is not available for NSSAL adult learners.

Eligible individuals within the organization include:

  • Instructor/Tutor

  • Executive Director (ED)/Network Coordinator (NC)

  • Tutor Coordinator

  • Administrator

*ANSCLO may submit an Organization Application on behalf of its members to support the PD needs of Executive Directors and Network Coordinators in the province. An application from ANSCLO is subject to the established application review processes that apply to all organization applications.

Eligibility criteria:

The NSSAL PD Committee will consider requests for funding that meet the following criteria:

  • The PD aligns with the NSSAL mandate and contributes to the continuous improvement of the NSSAL service delivery system.

  • The PD must be delivered through a recognized institution or by a certified/qualified professional.

  • The PD must be directly related to the applicant’s responsibilities and position in the NSSAL system.

  • Preference will be given to organizations who have not received previous funding within the previous year (July - June).

  • Activities eligible for financial support:

    • Attendance at conferences, workshops, or short courses (approximately 30 hours)
    • Travel and other expenses related to the PD (excluding back-fill or substitute positions). Kilometer, per-diem meal, and accommodation requests are not to exceed approved Provincial Government rates.
    • Facilitation of guest speakers (preferably large and/or regional audience opportunities)

  • Activities not eligible for financial support:

    • University/College courses
    • Applications not supported by direct supervisors
    • Funding requests for past professional development
    • PD deemed to duplicate, or are similar, to those currently provided through other venues funded by Adult Education
    • PD for NSSAL adult learners
    • Funds can not be used for a general contribution to an organization’s budget for existing services or activities
    • To cover administrative costs, such as staff salaries

Application and Funding Process:

  • There is $15,000 available in the NSSAL PD Fund each year. Applications are accepted until the money is fully committed.

  • Group applications are being accepted. Individuals should access their CLO PD budgets.

  • The NSSAL PD Fund application must be submitted electronically and preferably at least two months in advance of the event. It is important to give as much lead time as possible when making requests. This will help to avoid disappointment.

  • Applicants will be contacted by email, upon receipt of the funding request. Once the committee has reviewed the application, applicants will be notified via email regarding the approval/denial of applications.

  • The offer of approved funds is good only for the duration of the requested PD. If for any reason the approved PD is not completed during the approved time frame, the money will be returned to the fund. A separate application is needed for each PD funding request.

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered for review.

PLEASE NOTE: NSSAL PD Fund expense forms and receipts must be submitted within 30 days of the approved PD to be reimbursed.

Funding allocation:

Individual applications are no longer accepted. NSSAL now provides funding directly to the CLOs for individual PD. Exceptions will be made to allow for individual expenses to be covered through the PD Fund to ensure equity for travel. We are able to offer travel support to individuals who need to travel over 300 kms round trip and/or stay in a hotel more than 1 night within the province for Professional Development purposes. The support will be for kms and hotel stays only. Further information on applying  

Organization application  
Budget form must be completed and uploaded to application. Organizations may be funded to a maximum of $4,000 from July to June. Preference will be given to organizations who have not received previous funding.

The Application Form will include:

Please provide a detailed description by answering the following questions:

Organization Application
WHO – Who will receive the PD? How many people? What are their roles within the NSSAL service delivery system?
WHAT – General description of the PD, as well as the person delivering the PD (trainer or consultant) and a copy of their biography. Please also include a copy of the proposed Agenda.
WHEN – What is the proposed date of the PD being offered?
WHERE – Where is the proposed location of the PD being offered?
WHY – Why is the PD needed (provide evidence of need and interest)?

  • Describe the opportunity or problem that the PD addresses, and how it relates to the NSSAL service delivery system.

  • Details of cost of venue, cost of trainer or consultant, associated hosting costs including travel, meals, accommodations, and miscellaneous costs. Miscellaneous costs include, but are not limited to, supplies and materials associated with the event.

  • Disclose other sources of funding or partnerships (i.e. personal financial contribution, other grants, and sponsorship, in-kind contribution).

  • What are the anticipated outcomes and how will they be evaluated?

  • If there is a knowledge-sharing plan, please include in detail what/where/how you propose to share your knowledge and skills gained from this PD.

Application review:
The NSSAL PD Committee meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month to review applications received the previous month. The NSSAL PD Committee will base decisions for either total or partial funding on:

  • eligibility criteria being met

  • the quality of the application with respect to the eligibility criteria;

  • evaluation criteria: Relevance (Currency and importance of PD to the NSSAL service delivery system), Clarity (Clarity of the description of the PD), Innovation (New ideas, methods, approaches and/or knowledge, and has the potential to contribute to the NSSAL service delivery system), Purpose (Participant Outcomes), Presenter/Provider (Experience, subject matter expertise, certified/qualified professional, and/or held at a recognized institution), and Implementation (Immediate benefit to the NSSAL service delivery system);

  • rubric score greater than 60%;

  • the requested funding is reasonable in relation to the PD;

  • benefits to the NSSAL service delivery system;

  • budget availability of the NSSAL PD Fund; and

  • the number of applications.


Further Information on Applying:
The intention of this exception is to ensure equity for those networks which travel farther to access professional development. These PD Funds will supplement the CLO's PD budget.

The ED will send an email to info@literacyns.ca to request an expense form for the PD Fund. The request must come from the ED to affirm the practitioner has been pre-approved and deemed eligible in relation to the person’s job duties. The email should include:

  • Name of the staff person approved for the training
  • Name of the PD opportunity
  • Location of the training
  • Duration / Dates of the training
  • Note the date that the ED granted approval for the training
  • Email address to send the expense claim to

An expense form will be supplied to the supervisor. Depending on who should be reimbursed, network or individual, the practitioner (or supervisor) will fill out the form for reimbursement within 30 days following the PD event with relevant receipts.

Financial Support Requirements:

Applicants will receive funding upon successful completion of the approved professional development opportunity and submission of the following (must be received within 30 days of the approved event):

  • Applicant will submit a summary report outlining a brief overview of the activity and the achieved results from goals and objectives of the PD activity, as well as a list of participants in attendance. Each participant will fill out an individual learning narrative;

  • original copies of expense receipts and a completed expense claim form; and

  • if applicable or requested, a detailed knowledge-sharing plan, including what/where/how the knowledge and skills gained from this PD will be shared.

Please Note: In some exceptional cases, all or partial funds may be paid in advance, if requested by the applicant at the time of applying. Reimbursement will be based on actual costs and will not exceed the approved amount.

NSSAL PD Committee
The NSSAL PD Committee's mandate is to:

  • receive and review applications for professional development;

  • allocate funds to support these initiatives based on NSSAL PD fund criteria;

  • manage the PD Fund to ensure maximum benefit to the NSSAL service delivery system and accountability; and

  • conduct an annual review of the NSSAL PD Fund guidelines and application process.

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