Since 1992, Literacy Nova Scotia (LNS) has been supporting the literacy community by working to ensure that all Nova Scotians have equal access to quality literacy, essential skills, and lifelong learning opportunities.


The LNS Resource Hub was created for literacy practitioners and adult learning educators who teach, tutor or mentor adult learners in Nova Scotia, and are employed by or affiliated with NSCC or a community learning organization. It enables practitioners to easily share and co-develop teaching resources while also providing an online forum to discuss literacy resources and best practices. New resources are continually being added to the growing resource library.


Literacy Nova Scotia's eCampus is home to our Practitioner Training (PT) and Certification Program modules. The online foundational training was created for literacy practitioners and education service providers who wish to learn the fundamentals of working with adult learners. The program provides essential training to practitioners in their first year of working with adult literacy learners, but seasoned practitioners are welcome to register..


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Literacy Nova Scotia is a non-profit charitable umbrella organization that provides a provincial forum for organizations and people to work together so that every adult has literacy and essential skills learning opportunities. We do that by raising awareness about the state of literacy in the province and the country, by promoting accessible programs for all, by collaborating with others who have similar interests and goals to support and celebrate learning, and by making connections.

17  Organizations received
               $45,546 in PGI Grants for
               960 learners

24  Organizations received
                 IT grants totalling $29,292

25  Organizations received
                 resources for the classroom

83  Practitioners completed
                 16 Practitioner Training

$6,000  directly supported
                7 learners to reach their goals

30  Practitioners were funded
                 $8,647 to attend
                 11 PD opportunities

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LNS provides funding, practitioner training, and learner financial awards.

We also produce resources, share information about literacy, promote accessible programs for all, and collaborate with others in order to support and celebrate learning.

LNS is partly funded by the Department of Labour, Skills, and Immigration.

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LNS was excited to offer a new online Adult Learners Week 2021 Writing Workshop with Author Jenni Blackmore on the LNS Znanja elearning platform. Over 20 adult learners participated in this workshop which was offered from March 22 to April 5, 2021 and included writing activities, videos and Zoom discussions.